Resident parking permits

Residents living in high-traffic areas or streets with parking restrictions may be eligible for a resident parking permit to exempt them from the parking restrictions.

You can choose either a physical permit or electronic permit. Permits are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

The resident permit(s) cannot be used on a boat, trailer or caravan to exempt these vehicles from an area subject to parking restrictions.

Physical permit

Physical permits can take up to 14 days to arrive in the post. If an email address is provided, you will receive temporary permits via email until the physical permits arrive.

If you need a permit issued on the spot, you can visit our Customer Care Centre in Cheltenham.

You can use your physical permit in any car.

Electronic permit

Electronic permits are issued immediately.

These are assigned to your vehicle registration. You can change the car that your permit is assigned to any time online.

Permit renewal

Renewal notices are mailed to permit holders in the month prior to the month in which the permit expires. For example, renewal notices will be sent to permit holders in November if their permit expires in December.

You can apply for a permit renewal within 14 days of the expiry date.

Apply for or renew a parking permit


Step 1.Gather your documents

A valid proof of residency can be a scanned copy/photograph of any of the following documents. The document must clearly show the name and the address corresponding to the parking permit application.

  • Australian photo driver licence or learner permit photo card
  • current lease or rental document
  • current Council rates notice
  • utility account (e.g. electricity, gas, telephone or water) issued within the last 3 months.

Step 2.Apply online

Follow the steps on the online form to apply for a new permit or a renewal. The process for renewing is the same as applying for a new permit.

Apply for or renew a parking permit

In person

Step 1.Gather your documents

If lodging in person please remember to bring proof of residency.  Examples of applicable proof include:

  • Australian photo driver license or learner permit photo card
  • current lease or rental document
  • current council rates notice
  • current utility bills.

Step 2.Attend our Customer Care Centre



Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm


To make the permit system equitable, there are qualifying reasons as to why you may, or may not, be eligible. Here are some common scenarios to help you determine your eligibility for a parking permit.

Scenario Permits available
I live in a house on a standard block Maximum of two (2) permits. First permit is free. Second permit is available with a fee of $50
There are two or more houses on one lot where I live, or I live in an apartment that is not above a shop Each house is entitled to two (2) permits. First permit is free. Second permit is available with a fee of $50
I live in an apartment above a shop

Shop-top apartments within residential areas will be subject to the same eligibility requirements as other residential dwellings.

Shop-top apartments in commercial or activities centre zones are eligible for parking permits that allow them to park in residential parking permit areas, however the permit will not exempt them from parking restrictions intended for commercial uses.

I need a visitor's permit We do not provide visitor permits but you can transfer your valid permit to your visitor's car.


Please note: Addresses in the General Residential Zone Schedules 1 and 2 with two or more dwellings on a lot granted planning advertisement after 28 July 2015 will not be eligible for a permit. These developments are expected to have on-site parking as required under the Kingston Planning Scheme.

Full terms and conditions are available in the Parking Management Policy(PDF, 703KB).

Lost permits

Apply in writing if you lose your residential parking permit.

Email with the following information:

  • full name
  • the number of the lost permit
  • property address
  • contact number.

Cancelling a permit

Permits cannot be cancelled online. If you need to cancel your permit before it expires (e.g. due to moving to a new address), contact us on 1300 653 356 or email with the following information:

  • full name
  • property address
  • contact number.