Help us name the new aquatic and leisure centre

Published on 31 May 2024

Swimmer diving underwater

What’s in a name? When it comes to our community facilities, plenty. A well-chosen name provides a sense of belonging, makes wayfinding easy, promotes community awareness and connects people.

That’s why we are so keen for the community to have your say in the name of Kingston’s new aquatic and leisure centre to be built adjacent to Jack Grut Reserve in Mordialloc.

Mayor Jenna Davey-Burns said we've been working with our Community Reference Group and industry experts to shortlist five names for the new centre, and now it's your turn to help us decide.

“This is the largest infrastructure project in our city’s history and represents a major investment in the long-term health, wellbeing, and aquatic education of our community and we really want people to leave their own mark on it,” Cr Davey-Burns said.

“We’ve had awesome buy-in from the community through all our consultation stages up until now and I’d love to see thousands of people from all ages have their vote and help us settle on a name.”

The shortlisted names (including their meaning) are:

  • Baam Aquatic Centre (pronounced ‘barm’)
    A celebration of the indigenous heritage of the area, Baam is a Bunurong word meaning ‘waterhole’. Drawing from the symbolism of the ‘waterhole’, it aptly supports the idea of the new centre as “a vibrant place for our community to gather, where people can develop social connections and a sense of belonging”.
  • Mordi Baam Aquatic Centre
    Matching the most relatable locational term, Mordi, with the Bunurong word, Baam, that means ‘waterhole’ emphasises the indigenous heritage of the area and “a vibrant place for our community to gather”.
  • Mordi Pools
    Simple and straightforward, Mordi Pools celebrates the iconic status of the local pool. It pre-empts the name that locals will assign it, whether it is official or not. The addition of the ‘s’ to ‘Pool’ suggests more than one pool and by doing so promotes the larger offering of the centre.
  • Mordi Aquatics
    Direct and descriptive, Mordi Aquatics highlights the key purpose and offerings available at the new centre.
  • Mordi Aquatic Centre
    A name that says exactly what it is while referencing the most relatable location term, Mordi, used by locals.

Find out more and cast your vote before Sunday 30 June by visiting


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