New planning rules offer housing choices in the right places

Published on 07 May 2024


Kingston has worked hard to deliver updated planning rules, approved last week by the Victorian Government, following six years of deep community consultation.

Kingston Mayor Jenna Davey-Burns thanked the enormous cross-section of residents, community groups and local businesses who helped shape this important work and design the way forward for sustainable growth in our city.  

“Housing is a critical issue for all levels of government and innovative solutions are needed to deliver much-needed housing supply while retaining all of the things our residents love about Kingston,” Cr Davey-Burns said.

“We know Melbourne can’t keep sprawling outwards and that the Victorian Government requires all councils to take their fair share of growth. We have worked hard to channel this required growth into the right places – near train stations, activity centres and major roads, while protecting quieter residential streets.  

“Kingston is also proud that sustainability is at the core of the new planning rules. We will be encouraging light coloured rooves and innovative approaches to landscape requirements to ensure new homes are not only energy efficient, but are safe, healthy places that people want to live.

“These changes also respond directly to the increasing financial burden being placed on residents to cool their homes during summer.”

Como Ward Councillor Chris Hill thanked the community for their passion and for freely sharing their collective vision for Kingston and local knowledge throughout the process.

“The response from our residents throughout this city-shaping work has been unprecedented and has played an enormous role in the development of our positive plan for the future of housing in our beautiful city,” Cr Hill said. 

Karkarook Ward Councillor Hadi Saab said we are confident our plan will enable sufficient growth to meet the state government’s forecast demand for housing in our city over the next couple of decades at least.

“As a result, we are doing our part in addressing Melbourne’s housing crisis,” Cr Saab said.

Caruana Ward Councillor George Hua said this work is a key part of planning for a bright future for Kingston – with vibrant neighbourhoods that meet the many needs of our community.

“We want to encourage a mix of housing choices so young people can buy their first home in the neighbourhood they grow up in and older people who wish to downsize can stay in the community they love,” Cr Hua said.

Our new residential housing rules will:

  • Encourage new affordable homes in the right places so that key workers like nurses, firefighters, manufacturing workers and teachers can live close to the communities they serve.
  • Provide for a mix of houses big and small to meet our different needs.  
  • Help see our shopping centres bustling with activity and new businesses attracted to the area so we continue to thrive.
  • Direct new growth to the right areas where there is transport and services.
  • Play our part to address the housing crisis and deliver new homes, without needing to sacrifice our beautiful green open spaces like golf courses.
  • Provide for more energy efficient housing to cut the costs of living associated with renting or owning a home.
  • Direct key issues, including building heights, setbacks, and landscaping.

Banksia Ward Councillor Cameron Howe said Council embarked on this city-shaping process in response to the Victorian Government’s Plan Melbourne, which calls on local councils to take a fair share of growth.

“After listening to community feedback, we have settled on a plan that balances the Victorian Government requirements, while importantly still protecting quieter residential areas,” Cr Howe said.

Developing the new planning rules has been a huge undertaking over the past six years and has included:

  • Multiple drafts in responding to community feedback.
  • Incorporating feedback from the Victorian Government that an earlier draft didn’t accommodate enough additional housing growth.
  • Review by an Independent planning panel.
  • Formal approval by the Victorian State Government. 
  • Create innovative solutions for urban cooling to ensure we focus on growing our tree canopy in new developments.

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Community support for Kingston’s new planning rules

I grew up in Kingston and loved every second of it, but unfortunately had to move further away. I think it worries a lot of young people that it’s not an option to live where they grew up. If there were more affordable options, I’d be back in a heartbeat.
- Imogen (young person)

Finding employees has been a real struggle, and one issue that keeps popping up is the lack of affordable housing nearby. We’re supportive of the plan to increase housing supply in the right areas, near public transport and shops.
- Casafico (manufacturer)

Accommodating growth near local businesses, near the station and near services is going to create really lively shopping strips and help keep our local businesses alive.
 -The Fruitmen in Cheltenham



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