Unregistered or abandoned vehicles

Remember that anyone can park their vehicle on a public road, as long as it is registered and legally parked. 



Step 1.Check with your neighbours

If a vehicle has been left on the road outside your house for a period of time and you’re not sure who owns it, have a friendly chat with your neighbours. They may have friends or family staying with them.

Step 2.Check the registration status

If you’re still not clear on who owns the vehicle, you can check the registration status via the VicRoads website.

Step 3.Make a report

If the registration isn’t current or if you believe a registered vehicle is abandoned, report it and advise us of:

  • the vehicle’s exact location
  • how long the vehicle has been there
  • the vehicle’s make, model, colour and registration number.

Make a report

What happens next?

We’ll then arrange for an officer to attend and carry out the necessary checks.

If we find a vehicle to be unregistered, we may attach a tow-away notice and impound it.

If a vehicle is currently registered to an address nearby or if an officer can confirm with the owner of the vehicle that they are aware of the vehicle’s location, then it will not be deemed abandoned.

If a vehicle is registered and the owner cannot be located, we will continue to monitor the vehicle from the date of initial inspection by a Council officer. A registered vehicle may then be considered abandoned if it has not been moved for two months.