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Bin Repair or Replacement

Damaged bins 

A bin is deemed to be damaged beyond repair if:

  • the body of the bin is split or has holes
  • the base of the bin that holds the axel in place is broken
  • there is damage to the handle of the bin that prevents it from being used.

Lid and wheel repairs

A lid repair involves either the replacement of the missing or broken pin that connects the lid to the body of the bin which is missing or the replacement of the actual lid on the red, green or yellow bin. 

To enable repairs to occur, place the empty bin upside down on the nature strip. this will prevent others from placing rubbish in the bin and will also prevent considerate neighbours from taking your bin back into the property.


Repairs will usually occur within 48 hours of the job being assessed by Council staff.


I would like to arrange for a repair/replacement of a residential bin

Please note that reports made online will be assessed on the next available working day.