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Food Waste Recycling

Kingston residents can now recycle their food scraps along with their garden waste. Food and garden waste from the green bin is composted and used in our parks and gardens and given to farmers to grow crops.

With the help from our community we are diverting food waste from landfill and turning it into high-quality compost.

If you’d like to start recycling food waste but don’t have a green bin you can order one here.

You can read the FAQs below or download a copy of our information booklet or waste and recycling guide for more information on what can and cannot go in your green bin. 

Benefits of food waste recycling

How to recycle your food waste

Frequently asked questions

Food recycling

What is food recycling?

All types of food scraps including meat, fish, bones, cooked food and dairy products can now go into green bin with your garden clippings and green waste. The food and garden waste will then be sent to a facility in Dandenong South where it is turned into compost.

What can I put in my caddy/green bin?



Fruit and vegetable scraps

Dog poo and kitty litter
(including biodegradable kitty litter)  

Raw and cooked food

Recycling items (paper, cardboard, hard plastic, steel, aluminium) 

Coffee grounds and loose-leaf tea

Timber (including fencing and posts)

Meat, fish and bones

Coffee cups, coffee pods and tea bags (including compostable and biodegradable) 

Bread, cakes, biscuits and pastries

Bagged garbage

Dairy leftovers

Plastic bags and soft plastic packaging
(i.e. chip packets, bread bags, chocolate wrappers)

Pasta, noodles, cereal and rice

Cigarette butts

Onion, citrus, garlic and chilli 

Ash and tree stumps

Eggs and Egg shells Nappies and baby wipes

Grains, nuts and seeds

Vacuum dust

Small amounts of newspaper and paper towel (one or two pieces to wrap food waste)

Hair (including pet hair)



Weeds and flowers

Plant pots and plant labels or tags

Grass and leaves

Biodegradable bags, cutlery and paper plates

Garden prunings

Large stumps (items must be no longer or thicker then your forearm)


Why should I recycle food waste?

Food waste makes up about 50% of Kingston’s household waste sent to landfill. By placing your food waste into your green bin, you will be doing your bit to help the environment and contribute to the creation of nutrient rich compost that can be used by Victorian farmers to grow crops.

What happens to my food and garden waste after it is collected?

Food and garden waste is turned into compost at a commercial facility in Dandenong South. It is then used on farms, parks and gardens to improve soil.

Bins and collections

Will my bins be emptied like normal?

Yes, your green bin will still be collected every fortnight as per your normal collection schedule.

Your red general waste bin will continue to be collected weekly and your yellow recycling bin will continue to be collected fortnightly. 

Will my food and green waste bin attract pests?

If you place your food waste in the green bin with the lid closed, it should not attract pests. The food waste is the same material that was previously disposed in the garbage bin, it is only changing bins. The use of the provided liners will reduce odours and the potential for pests.

Can business have their food waste collected?

No, at this stage our food recycling service will not cater for commercial quantities of food waste.

Is Council going to introduce a smaller green bin than the current size (120litres)?

No, however for unit block residents a shared green bin may be suitable.  

If I live in an apartment, can I use my green bin for food scraps?

Yes, if your apartment block uses our garbage service. We can’t offer the service if a private contractor collects your rubbish.

To check if your service is a Council service or private contractor please contact your building management.


Why do I have to use a food waste caddy?

A kitchen caddy makes it easier to collect scraps as you prepare food.
You can use your own container if you prefer or simply throw your food scraps directly into your green waste bin.

Can I order a green bin at any time and get my caddy?


I live in a unit with a shared green bin. Will I receive a caddy?

Yes. All units will receive a caddy and liners if they have a shared green waste service with Council.

Can I get more than one caddy?


Bag liners

Where can I get more bin liners from?

Compostable bag liners can be picked up from Council's Customer Service counters (Cheltenham customer service counter) or purchased from most supermarkets.
If you want to purchase your own, please only use bags with the seedling logo (please see image below), which is an international certification and symbol that identifies certified compostable degradable plastics.



Can I put my food waste in a plastic bag?

No. Only compostable liners that carry the seedling logo can be used in your caddy. 

Can I wrap my food waste?

You can use compostable bin liners provided with your caddy to hold your food scraps. Or, if you prefer, you can wrap your food waste in a single sheet of newspaper, tissue or paper towel.

Do I have to use the bin liners?

No, use of the bin liners is optional. You can put your food scraps directly into the caddy and then the green bin. Or, if you prefer you can wrap your food waste in a single sheet of newspaper, tissue or paper towel.


What if I already have a compost at home?

We encourage you to continue with your own composting.
Our service complements home composting, as our commercial facility accepts animal bones, meat, citrus peel and dairy, which aren't recommend for most home composting.


Will my rates go up to pay for this new service?

Your Rates or Waste Charge will not increase to provide this service. In the long term, this will minimise cost increases related to garbage disposal.