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Roads & Traffic

Our roads and paths need to be safe for everyone in the community. Find out more about Council's role and your responsibilities.


Kingston City Council is responsible for inspecting, maintaining and reconstructing approximately 598 km of municipal roads and 798 km of stormwater pipe in the City of Kingston.

Current and Future Works - Roads and Drainage

Current or soon to begin construction or roadworks.

Major Roads & Drains Projects

Each year the City of Kingston invests over $9 million in roads and drainage infrastructure. Keep up to date on Council's upcoming construction works, such as road reconstructions, resurfacing, new footpaths and drainage improvements by following the links to our Major Works Projects.

Traffic & Transport Management

The role of the Traffic and Transport Division aims to achieve an efficient transport network that also respects and enhances the local environment and traffic safety within Kingston municipality.

Road Safety

Providing all road users tools, techniques and training to be safe on all roads.

Maintenance of Road Infrastructure

Maintaining roads, footpaths, drains, street lighting, street sweeping and street furniture is important for our safety and for our enjoyment.

Asset Protection Permits

Thinking about building or demolishing property? Consider whether you need an Asset Protection Permit before you start.

Vehicle Crossings and Road Openings

Vehicle crossings, although on Council land, are to be maintained by property owners, as they are primarily constructed to ensure vehicles can access the property in a safe manner.

Dial Before Your Dig (DBYD)

Are you considering starting any excavation works in the City of Kingston. To be on the safe side lodge a Dial Before Your Dig (DBYD)enquiry and be informed where there may be underground drains or pipes to avoid.

Vehicle Crossing and Road Infrastructure Permits

Important information on permits required at vehicle crossings and road openings

Rights of Way and Laneways

Rights of Way and Laneways