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Amendment C163 - 19 Tarella Road Chelsea

Amendment C163- 19 Tarella Road, Chelsea

The Amendment proposes to apply a permanent Environmental Significance Overlay, Schedule 5 (ESO5), to No. 19 Tarella Road, Chelsea (Lot 2 on PS 38459H and Lot 18 on PS005846).

An independent Planning Panel hearing was held on 18-19 July 2018 to consider submissions received. 

At its Ordinary Council Meeting of 27 August 2018, Council resolved the following:

That the Planning Committee:

1.  Adopt Amendment C163 to the Kingston Planning Scheme subject to minor changes.

2. Submit Amendment C163 to the Minister for Planning for approval.

3.  Notify submitters to Amendment C163 of the above resolutions.

4.  Make the Planning Panel Report available for public viewing.

Council has now submitted the Amendment to the Minister for approval.

If you have any queries regarding this matter please contact Kingston City Council’s Strategic Planning team by email or telephone 03 9581 4713.