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The City of Kingston's Building Surveying Team offers a range of services to the community including construction and legislative advice for all types of your construction needs

Building Information

Council encourages anyone who is planning to build or renovate to check what permits are required

Building Property Information and Plans

Applications for Property Information, Copy of plans, Demolition 29a etc.

Building Permits

Applying for a building permit

Private Building Surveyor Intervention Policy

Information on how Council deals with Private Building Surveyors

Report and Consents

Residential Siting Report and Consents

Swimming Pools and Spas

Swimming Pools and Spas

Information on safety barriers for swimming pools and spas.



Information regarding front fences and boundary fences between neighbours

Council Building Forms

All council's building department forms.

Useful Links & Information

Helpful links to external resources for building information.

Domestic Building Dispute Resolution

Information on Residential Building Disputes

Building over Easement

You must apply for approval to build over an easement in your property.