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If you have a problem with noise from your neighbours, we suggest that you read the EPA Publication Annoyed by noise. This details the rights and responsibilities of home owners in relation to state legislation about noise. This document also specifies the prohibited times for noisy equipment used on residential premises.

Noise issues are often resolved by talking with your neighbour directly and working together to find a solution. In many cases, people are not aware they are making noise that may be disturbing their neighbours. An Environmental Health Officer can provide education to both parties during this process on strategies for reducing noise if required.  

If a resolution is not reached after speaking with your neighbour, you can lodge an official complaint with Councils Environmental Health Services. Environmental Health Services can also be contacted on 1300 653 356 or

Alternatively The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV) is a free dispute resolution service which routinely helps resolve common neighbourhood disputes involving noise,  fences, trees, animals and drainage.

If the noise is occurring after hours and is coming from people or parties, the Police should be contacted at the time of offence.

The EPA website offers advice and solutions to residential, commercial and vehicle noise issues.