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Junior Mayor

Each year a Junior Mayor is elected in the City of Kingston. The election process involves local primary schools each nominating one pupil who makes a two minute speech and the remaining students vote for the best presentation. The Junior Mayor, who receives junior mayoral robes, chains and $200 from the Chelsea Rotary Club, is called on to assist the Mayor at a range of official Council events.

The Junior Mayor program has been running for over 50 years and is sponsored by the Chelsea Rotary Club. It aims to help educate and engage young people about how Government works and how they can get involved, while also providing support and experience to our budding future leaders.

Junior Mayor elections are held each April as part of National Youth Week.

This year the successful candidate was Jack O'Connor, a grade six school student from Patterson Lakes Primary School. 

Year         Name

2019/20    Jack O'Connor 

2018/19    Alice Roberts 

2017/18    Tess Ashley

2016/17    Isaac Madafferi

2015/16    Jasmine Warber

2014/15    Naveen Satish Kumar

2013/14    Daniel Passante

2012/13    Matthew Bergen

2011/12    Olivia Guhl

2010/11    Ebony Let  

2009/10    Lachlan Bourne

2008/09    Tahryn Mant

2007/08    Victoria Hermitage

2006/07    Narida Ear

2005/06    Jake Grantford

2004/05    Bill Harding

2003/04    Alana Spencer

2002/03    Ellee Picken

Junior Mayor 2019/20 - Jack O'Connor