Liquor licence

If you intend to sell alcohol from your premises and/or allow people to consume alcohol at your premises, you will require a liquor licence from Liquor Control Victoria (LCV). In most cases, a planning permit from Council is also required in addition to the liquor licence. 

This is to ensure that licensed premises are situated in appropriate locations and that the impact of the licensed premises on the amenity of the surrounding area is considered.

The LCV website provides advice for completing a liquor licence application, including what planning permit information to include (if applicable).

When will I need a planning permit?

Common types of liquor licences that require a planning permit include:

  • restaurant or cafe
  • on premises liquor licence (drink liquor on premise or take away)
  • an increase in area that liquor is allowed to be consumed or supplied
  • an increase in the number of patrons allowed to consume alcohol under an existing licence
  • an increase in the hours of trading allowed under an existing licence.

For a full list of planning permit requirements and exemptions, please refer to Clause 52.27 of the Kingston Planning Scheme(PDF, 21KB).

You can lodge your liquor licence planning application in conjunction with another permit (e.g. licensed premises in association with a restaurant).