Accommodation businesses

Under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019 the following businesses must register with Council:

  • Residential accommodation
  • Rooming houses
  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Motels
  • Student dormitories
  • Holiday camps
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Guest House

Preparing your application 

Before preparing your accommodation business application please review the information below to assist you in complying with relevant requirements.

Bed and Breakfast, Hotels, Motels, Guesthouses, Self-contained Accommodation: Prior to lodging your application please review the Business Victoria website for helpful information on how to start your accommodation business.

Rooming Houses: Prior to lodging your rooming house application with Council please visit the Consumer Affairs Victoria website in regards to the minimum requirements set out in the Residential Tenancies Standards. All rooming house operators must obtain a license from Consumer Affairs Victoria, prior to submitting a new business application with Council. Find out more on how to obtain a license.

Caravan Parks: Prior to lodging your caravan park application with Council please review the Consumer Affairs Victoria guidelines and regulations.

Submitting your application 

Before you submit your application, please ensure that your accompanying floor plan includes the following:

  • all bedrooms, including size of rooms and proposed number of occupants
  • kitchen, laundry, bathrooms and toilets
  • all common areas i.e. lounge room, dining room, study, outdoor areas
  • description of finishes to all internal surfaces i.e. walls, floor and ceiling finishes
  • relevant lighting and ventilation (in particular mechanical/natural ventilation for bathrooms and kitchen)
  • fire safety equipment available

Should your accommodation business be providing food you may also require a Food Act registration. Find out more on opening your own food business

Similarly, if your accommodation business will be providing any hair or beauty services you may require a Public Health and Wellbeing Act registration. Find out more on opening a new health, beauty or body art business.

Apply online

Processing your application

Your application will be assigned and reviewed for compliance with relevant legislation by an Environmental Health Officer.

You will be contacted by the Officer within 14 days (unless an urgent fee was paid) to discuss your application.

Further information may be requested or a plans endorsement letter will be issued by emailed to you.

A final inspection is to be scheduled by the new business prior to opening. Please allow up to five working days to book an inspection.

A progress inspection may also be undertaken by the Officer.

All relevant fees (application and registration fees) must be paid prior to commencing operations. Council will provide you with an invoice once the final inspection has been completed for approval. Note: if you have not yet paid your plan processing fee, this amount is also payable now.

A certificate of registration is issued once all fees are paid.