Land subject to flooding

Flooding is a natural hazard, but unlike most other natural hazards, major floods are to a great degree predictable in terms of their location, depth and extent.

A major flood is defined as having a 1 % Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP), meaning there is a 1% chance of that flood event occurring, or being exceeded, in any one year. This has also been known previously and commonly known as a 1 in 100 year flood.

Land use planning is recognised as being the best means to minimise flood risk to life, property and community infrastructure.

There are two types of Flood Overlays applied within the Kingston municipality:

  • Land Subject to Inundation Overlay
  • Special Building Overlay

Land Subject to Inundation Overlay

Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO) affects land in a major flood event from an open watercourse (for example, a creek or river) or open drainage system.

Melbourne Water is currently the authority for LSIOs within Kingston and can provide information (such as flood level and finished floor level) for this Overlay.

Special Building Overlay

Special Building Overlays (SBO) affect land in a major flood event due to Overland flood paths from the Urban stormwater drainage system. Overland flow paths occur when the maximum capacity of the underground stormwater systems are reached. Urban stormwater drainage systems are not designed for major flood events, only nuisance minor events.

Both Melbourne Water and Council have SBOs within Kingston.

How do I know if my land is affected by a flood overlay?

You can do the following things:

Do I need permission for works within a flood overlay?

Depending on the type of works you are planning to do, you may require a planning permit, building permit or both.

Planning permits

Our planning scheme has the following provisions:

See our page on planning permits or call us on 1300 653 356 for more information.

Building permits

You need a Report and Consent before a building permit can be issued for works within a flood overlay.

For further information please see our report and consent page.