Keith Styles Reserve

Keith Styles Playground.jpg

The Keith Styles reserve and memorial garden is a historic space honouring Mentone resident's war losses.

A striking granite memorial gate built in 1923 resembling a temple entrance has honour rolls to ‘the glorious men of Mentone who gave their lives for our freedom' during World War 1.

You will also find a drinking fountain from 1910, the earliest existing monument in Mentone, in the shape of a granite obelisk.

The gardens themselves have a wide variety of plants and walking trails, with grassed open spaces and a play area and a variety of seating, and tables.

The playground has a variety of equipment including two climbing structures with slides, four person carousel, monkey rungs, horizontal bars, swings and a grasshopper and ladybug springer, you can find coloured carved toadstools under the trees.

Part of the larger Mentone Reserve sports complex, which is home to the Mentone Cricket Club, and St Bedes/Mentone Tigers Australian Football Club.


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