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Bins and Collections

The City of Kingston offers all residents a garbage, recycling and garden waste (optional) kerbside collection service. Garbage bins (red lid) are collected on a weekly basis. Recycling (yellow lid) and garden waste (green lid) bins are collected on alternate weeks, on the same day as your garbage bin.

All collections continue as normal on public holidays and over major holiday periods (including Easter, Christmas day and New Years Eve).

If your bin was missed during collection, please contact Council’s Customer Care Team on 1300 653 356 within 1 business day. Once reported, please leave your bin out on the kerb and do not remove it until it has been emptied.

View the list of general Frequently Asked Questions

Download the guide to using your garbage, recycling and garden waste services to see what items can go into the recycling bin, garbage bin and green waste bin.

For more information on the State Government Recycling Industry Strategic Plan see the fact sheet or frequently asked questions

Waste collection calendars

To find your bin day, simply type your street address into the What's Near Me? search.

Alternatively, you can check the Waste Collection Map for your collection area and check your bin day on the corresponding calendar:

What goes into the Garbage Bin

Accepted items:

  • nappies and animal droppings (wrap)
  • household garbage (including meat and 'scrunchable' plastics)
  • vacum cleaner dust (wrap)
  • broken glass, pyrex, light globes and ceramics

The following items are NOT accepted in your garbage bin:  Recyclables, garden waste, building material, timber or steel, syringes or medical waste, Oil, paint or chemical waste, commercial or industrial waste.

Garbage from the City of Kingston is taken to landfills (tips) located at Clayton South and Lyndhurst.

What goes into the Recycling Bin

Accepted items:

  • hard plastic bottle and containers
  • newspapers, magazines, advertising material, letters, envelopes, office paper and phone books
  • milk and juice cartons
  • cardboard boxes
  • steel cans, aluminium cans and foil
  • glass bottles and jars 

The following items are NOT accepted in your recycle bin:  Recyclables in plastic bags, plastic bags, polystyrene foam, crockery or pyrex, rubbish, garden waste, nappies, clothing, linen, carpet, toys or shoes, syringes or medical waste.

What goes into the Garden Waste Bin 

Accepted items:

  • grass clippings
  • small branches (up to 100mm in diameter)
  • garden prunings
  • flowers
  • leaves
  • weeds
  • food scraps (read more about food waste recycling).

The following items are NOT accepted in your garden waste bin:  garden waste in plastic bags, soil or potting mix, plant pots, rubbish, plastic bags, wrap, packaging or polystyrene, nappies, timber, bricks or rubble, recyclables, syringes or medical waste.

Glass recycling 

The Victorian Government recently announced the introduction of a fourth glass bin. Kingston currently has three bins - a landfill bin, a recycling bin and a garden waste bin. Council has arranged for the addition of organic waste to its garden waste bin, and this service will be introduced in May. We'll be seeking further details from the Victorian Government in order to begin planning for the new fourth bin - stay tuned, we will continue to provide updates. 

Change my bin size (residential)

The most sustainable bin combination for an average household is Option D  (see table) and Kingston Council encourages residents to choose this combination where feasible.

If you are moving into a new dwelling (not lived in before) you can nominate your choice by calling Council on 1300 653 356.

To change your existing bin, please complete the Change to Domestic Waste Service Bins form

 Option   Garbage bin (red)   Recycle bin (yellow)   Garden bin (green) 
 A  120 litre  240 litre or 120 litre  240 litre
 B  80 litre  240 litre or 120 litre  240 litre
 C  120 litre  240 litre or 120 litre  120 litre
 D  80 litre  240 litre or 120 litre  120 litre
 E  120 litre  240 litre or 120 litre  no garden bin
 F  80 litre  240 litre or 120 litre  no garden bin


Commercial collections

The City of Kingston offers a waste collection service to commercial properties such as shops, offices and factories. Service users are invoiced directly, which is normally the tenant, not the property agent or owner. Payment options are described on the invoice, which will be forwarded within a week of Council receiving your signed Service Agreement form. Failure to pay by the due date will result in your bin being withdrawn without notice.

Bin security
Businesses are asked to secure their bins wherever possible. You’re encouraged to identify your bin by spraying the street number or company name on the side. If the business moves within the City of Kingston, please take your bins with you and notify us of the new address.

Applying for a commercial bin
Request a commercial bin service

Commercial bin charges for 2019/2020

 Bin Size  Cost
 120 Litre   $400 per annum for each bin service for one collection per week ($440 incl GST) 
 240 Litre  $600 per annum for each bin service for one collection per week ($660 incl GST) 

For further information about bins for schools, sporting clubs or churches please email

Not sure how to dispose of other miscellaneous items? Check out Kingston's A-Z of waste disposal guide