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For emergency assistance in times of flooding contact the Victoria State Emergency Services on 132 500.

The stormwater drainage system is managed in partnership between Melbourne Water and Council. City of Kingston is responsible for the provision and maintenance of local drains and the management of any stormwater flooding from its drainage system. Melbourne Water is responsible for the provision and maintenance of main drains, the management of flooding from its drainage system, and flooding from rivers and creeks.

Flooding may arise for many different reasons:

 Blocked or damaged pits and drains

 Inadequate private drainage

 Out of the ordinary weather events involving intense rainfall

 Runoff that exceeds the capacity of the drainage pipes.


How do I know who is responsible for the flooding incident?

 Internal Drainage Issues (within private property) – The Property Owner

 Stormwater outlet from property boundary to kerb and channel – The Property Owner

 Main Drains – Melbourne Water

 Flooding of Roads, Footpaths, Kerb and Channel – Council


If you are experiencing flooding from Council's drainage system that is not an immediate risk health or property, you can provide details to the responsible team using the below link. Council officers will investigate and provide feedback in due course:

Report Flooding Incident

If your property is subject to a flood overlay you may need to apply for a planning permit for any building works. To find out further information please refer to below link:

Land Subject to Flooding


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