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Other Authorities May Use The Valuations

Received a Land Tax Assessment from the State Revenue Office and want to Enquire or Object?

Council valuations may also be used by other rating authorities for the purpose of a rate or tax.

The State Revenue Office uses the "Site Value" in assessing land tax.

  • You will need to lodge your objection with the SRO and not Council.
  • Do not lodge the objection with your local Council.
  • Although the SRO use the Site Value on the Council Rates and Valuation notice, the SRO are the taxing authority for the tax assessment you have received.
  • The SRO will forward the objection to council for referral to the Contract Valuers.

For further information on lodging a land valuation objection, or if you require a hard copy Land Valuation Objection form, please contact;

SRO Customer Contact Centre - 13 21 61

Further information on the use of valuations for land tax can be found on the State Revenue Office website at