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Rates are payable by all property owners, and contribute to the revenue used to deliver capital works and essential services in the municipality.

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Economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic/apply for rates rebates

Council has developed an assistance package for our community and businesses to help alleviate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The rates assistance package includes a $118 waste rebate for ratepayers with a residential bin service, rates rebates for residential ratepayers on JobSeeker and for businesses on JobKeeper, rates payment deferment options and no interest on overdue rates until June 2021.

The waste rebate will be applied automatically. Applications for rate deferrals, alternate payment arrangements and additional rates rebates are now open:


Your application will be assessed by our Rates team and you can expect a response within 30 days.

Read more about our response to COVID-19


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The value of your property is used to calculate your rates and Rates Notice for 2020/2021. Rates for this period are based on the valuation at 1 January 2020.

Watch our short explainer video below to find out more about how your rates are calculated!

Frequently asked questions

I am on a JobSeeker payment, what support is there for me?

Any resident who is receiving JobSeeker, can apply to receive a $112.20 rate rebate on their primary place of residence, during the 2020-21 financial year. Apply now 

I am a business owner on a JobKeeper payment, what support is there for me?

JobKeeper rebates are currently available. Any businesses receiving JobKeeper, can apply to receive a $112.20 rate rebate during the 2020-21 financial year. Apply now

Do I get a rate discount this year?

Yes. Council has automatically applied a $118.00 discount to all residential waste charges for this financial year. You can find this on your rate notice, listed as ‘Waste Discount – COVID-19 Community Support Package’.  There is no need to apply for this rebate, Council has automatically deducted this amount from your rates.

I live in an apartment and don’t have a waste service. Am I entitled to rebates?

If you don’t have a waste service you won’t receive the $118 residential waste discount but if you are a resident on JobSeeker or a business on JobKeeper you may be eligible for rebates. Find out more and apply  

Can outstanding amounts (arrears) and 20/21 rates be deferred?

Yes. Rate deferrals are still available. Find out more and apply for a deferral.

Will interest be charged on my current overdue rates?

No interest will be charged on overdue rates until after the 30 June 2021.

Why are there arrears showing on my notice when I deferred my rates?

When arrears are shown on a rates notice it refers to any amount of rates that are either outstanding or have been deferred. If you have deferred you rates, your arrears portion of your notice is not due until the 30 June 2021.

Why does my fire service authority look different on my notice this year?

The Country Fire Authority and Melbourne Fire Brigade have amalgamated and are now known as Fire Rescue Victoria. Find out more

Why does the fire service levy look different on my notice this year?

Fire Rescue Victoria has changed how the fire service levy is calculated for residents. As the Country Fire Authority and Melbourne Fire Brigade have amalgamated into Fire Services Victoria, there are no longer different fees for fires services zones. This makes for a fairer system for all Victorian residents. For rates and charges relating to your Fire Service Levy, please visit the State Revenue Office website.

When are instalments due this year?

To pay your rates as four instalments, the first payment must be made by 30 September 2020. Following that, the remaining three instalments will be due on 30 November, 28 February and 31 May.

Alternatively, a full single payment is due on 15 February 2021; or ten payments via direct debit, may be arranged.

When are direct debits due this year?

Ten instalments via direct debit will take place from September up until June. These payments will be debited on the last business day of each month.

When are direct debit dates?

Direct debits will be debited on the following dates:

  • 1st Payment: 30 September 2020
  • 2nd Payment: 30 October 2020
  • 3rd Payment: 30 November 2020
  • 4th Payment: 31 December 2020
  • 5th Payment: 29 January 2021
  • 6th Payment: 26 February 2021
  • 7th Payment: 31 March 2021
  • 8th Payment: 30 April 2021
  • 9th Payment: 31 May 2021
  • 10th Payment: 29 June 2020

When was my property valued?

Valuations are completed annually by an independent third party, the Valuer-General Victoria. Current property valuations (CIV of each property), were determined on 1 January 2020.

Why doesn’t my valuation reflect the current market value?

It is important to understand that ‘Statutory Valuations’ are not the same as a ‘Market Valuations’, which are done at the date of a valuation report or instruction. They also differ from  ‘Mortgage Valuations’ (done for financial loaning and lending purposes) and ‘Appraisals’ (which are a Real Estate Agent’ opinion of value, not certified valuation by analysis).

Rating valuations are conducted annually by the Valuer-General Victoria on 1 January each year in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989. They do not do reflect market conditions after that date, so it’s important to be aware that the valuations do not move or roll with the current market conditions today.

Valuations determine the share of the budget each property contributes via rates and differ from a bank or market valuation.

Where can I get more information on my valuation and how its calculated

 Find out more on Rating Valuations, when they are undertaken and their purpose.

What can I do if I do not agree with the value on my rate notice?

Please note the Valuer-General Victoria (VGV) has stated that any coronavirus-based objections will not be considered for assessment notices with a valuation date of 1 January 2020 (or earlier). For more information please refer to the Fact sheet on the Valuer-General’s website.  

You are welcome to lodge any verbal enquiry with a Council Customer Service Officer, either by phone on 1300 653 356 or our online valuation enquiry form.

The form is designed to obtain as much information relating to your valuation concern and can be submitted as either an enquiry, or where appropriately indicated, as a formal objection against the rating valuations.

Residents can object to a valuation provided an objection is lodged within two months (not 60 days) of their rate notice being issued. Lodge an objection

The grounds for an objection are:

  • that the value assigned is too high or too low;
  • that the interests held by various persons in the land have not been correctly apportioned;
  • that the apportionment of the valuation is not correct;
  • that land that should have been included in one valuation have been valued separately;
  • that lands that should have been valued separately have been included in one valuation;
  • that the person named in the notice of valuation, assessment notice or other document is not liable to be named so;
  • that the area, dimensions or description of the land are not correctly stated in the notice of valuation, assessment notice or other document.

Can I object to the value of my property due to COVID-19?

The Valuer-General Victoria (VGV) has stated that objections based on coronavirus (COVID-19) will not be considered for assessment notices with a valuation date of 1 January 2020 (or earlier). For more information please refer to the fact sheet on the Valuer-General’s website. 

Will there be a tree voucher in my rates pack this year?

Following the success of last year’s free tree voucher program, we were excited to offer an expanded range of plants for our community this year.

This Autumn, Kingston residents can collect up to five free tube stock native plants per household, with proof of registration. Learn more and register.

What do I do if my details have changed?

Residents can update details online such as mailing address or other details.