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30+ Resources for Sustainable Living

Looking to live more sustainably? We've got some great resources in our collections to help you enjoy a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

In celebration of the National Sustainable Living Festival running 1 to 28 February, we've put together a selection of material for all ages on sustainable living.

Scroll below for items available in Kingston Libraries catalogue to borrow or stream. If you're looking for more on a particular topic, Ask a Librarian for more suggestions!

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A Family Guide to Waste-free Living
by Lauren and Oberon Carter
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Clean Green:
Tips and recipes for a naturally clean, more sustainable home

by Jen Chillingsworth
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Practical Self Sufficiency:
An Australian guide to sustainable living

by Dick and James Strawbridge
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The Sustainable House Handbook:
How to plan and build an affordable, energy-efficient and waterwise home for the future

by Josh Byrne
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How to Live Plastic Free:
A day in the life of a plastic detox

by Luca Bonaccorsi
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Use It All:
The Cornerstone guide to a more sustainable kitchen

by Alex Elliott-Howery and Jaimee Edwards
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My Suburban Farm:
Finding bucolic bliss in the burbs

by Ainslee Costa
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Sustainable Gifting:
Upcycle, hand-made & get creative with zero-waste presents & packages

by Michelle Mackintosh
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Sustainable Escapes
by Lonely Planet
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The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide
by Jen Gale
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Say Goodbye to Plastic
by Sandra Ann Harris
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Plastic Free:
The inspiring story of a global environmental movement and why it matters

by Joanna Atherfold Finn and Rebecca Prince-Ruiz
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Junior Non-fiction

Zero Waste Kids:
30 challenges to cut down waste

by Kathryn Kellogg
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Easy Peasy:
Gardening for kids

by Inez Baranay
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Human Influence
by Ellen Rykers
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100 Ways to Make the World Better!
by Lisa Gerry
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Earth Heroes
by Lily Dyu
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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
by Rebecca Rissman
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101 Ways to Save Earth Before Bedtime
by Paul Mason
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by Nancy Dickmann
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Enough water?
A guide to what we have and how we use it

introduction by Steve Conrad
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Picture Books

Mr. Men Little Miss:
Go green

by Roger Hargreaves
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Take Heart, Take Action
by Beci Orpin
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A story about sustainability for children

by Tess Sibbel
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Film & Documentary

by Damon Gameau
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River Cottage Australia
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Film & Documentary

'Life Off Grid' (2015)
A film about disconnecting by Jonathan Taggart (director)

'Living the Change' (2018)
Inspiring stories for a sustainable future by Antionette Wilson and Jordan Osmond (filmmakers)

'How We Grow' (2018)
Communities rebuilding themselves around agriculture

Selection from Fundamentals of Sustainable Living series

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