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New Magazine Title Available: TMix+

Guess what's new at Kingston Libraries?


That's right, a brand new magazine for the Thermomix community.

TMix+ is a quarterly magazine brought to you by Australian chefs, cooks, food lovers and icons of the food world. This is what they have to say about the magazine:

"TMix+ is about providing the best recipes, and best advice to get the most out of your Thermomix, while not dismissing all the other wonderful appliances that have been part of kitchen life forever.
"We're here to find the recipes that really work to the best traditions of the best cooks on the planet, getting textures, flavours and processes just right. We also note that not enough has been done to provide "normal" cooks with the ammunition to create some of the great traditional items in the best cooks' repertoire."

The latest TMix+ magazine is Issue #5 Summer/Autumn. This librarian decided to make the "Quinoa & 4 Bean Salad with Turmeric Dressing" found on page 55.

It was the first time I had cooked quinoa, and was pleasantly surprised, as I was worried it was going to be similar in texture to couscous. Of course, it was very easy in the thermomix as are most things. I put this salad together on my lunch-break (I did pre-cook the quinoa in the morning). All the ingredients were in my fridge and pantry. I was considering omitting the chilli, but then I dropped the jar on the floor!! And Voila! Decision made. It came together as a very tasty dish and I felt incredibly healthy afterwards. I paired it with a small chicken fillet (fried in a pan on the stove). The recipe yields a large amount, so it would be a great choice for a family BBQ.

I can recommend this salad for everyone: it is tasty, fresh and healthy. Your guests will be very impressed, and you will be too, with the ease of it all.

My rating is 4 out of 5 for ease and 4 out of 5 for taste. Go forth and try.

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