E-waste and household chemical collections

What is e-waste?

E-waste, or electronic waste, is anything with a plug, cord, or battery, such as:  

  • computers 
  • phones
  • televisions

How do I dispose of e-waste?

For working items, donate to an op shop or sell online via Facebook, or Gumtree.

You can dispose of e-waste through our hard waste collection services.

Or you can drop it off at one of these locations:

Westall Library: 35 Fairbank Road, Clayton South

Kingston Council, Cheltenham: 1230 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham 

Chelsea Library: 1 Chelsea Road, Chelsea  

Patterson Lakes Library: 54 Thompson Road, Patterson Lakes.  

For more locations, look up ‘E-waste’ in our A-Z of waste disposal guide.

Do not put e-waste in your landfill bin. The Victorian Government has banned e-waste going to landfill. 

What are household chemicals?

Household chemicals are found in products we use at home and in the garden, such as:  

  • cleaning products 
  • weed killer
  • oil
  • cosmetics

How do I dispose of household chemicals?

You can dispose of them for free at a ‘Detox your Home’ collection point. Kingston hosts a ‘Detox your Home’ collection point in various locations each year. Visit Sustainability Victoria for event dates, locations and more information.

What about paint, batteries and other toxic waste?

You can take them to permanent drop-off site. The closest site to Kingston is Bayside Waste and Recycling Center.

For paint, you can also use a paint hardener. It turns water-based paints into solid waste. You can then add it to your landfill bin.