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Virtual Escape Room

Welcome to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Virtual Escape Room.

This is a family-oriented game suitable for ages 10+.

Playing on a computer in a web browser is recommended.

This escape room was designed for solo players, so the stories and puzzles are best experienced that way, but you can play with a friend or in a group if you prefer. If you are playing with multiple people you can either all watch on the same screen or have the escape room open on separate devices and follow along with one another.

Unlike in real escape rooms, you get to set your own time limit.

There are 5 puzzles to solve. Every puzzle comes with an optional hint and if you're still stuck after that you can see the solution and explanation directly if you wish. Some puzzles require you to type in a specific answer and you need to check in the (parentheses) to see the requirements.

The theme of this escape room is based solely on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

You can check out our collection for an available copy of this book from our library: View Catalogue

To start your adventure, go to: kingston.vic.gov.au/library/escaping-wonderland