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Mogwai – Every Country’s Sun

The Scottish post rockers are back!

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Every Country's Sun

Mogwai have spent a lot of time scoring documentaries and TV series in the last few years and "Every Country’s Sun" is the band’s first proper studio album since 2014. It’s clear that the scores the band created for the French TV series "Les Revenants"(2013), the BBC documentary "Atomic"(2016) and the climate change documentary "Before the Flood"(2016), have influenced their music, but the band plays with new conviction on this album; one that harks back to their early years.

In fact, "Every Country’s Sun" is an album that successfully bridges their sparser, more pensive sounds of late with their harder, guitar driven style of early years without feeling like nostalgia or a step back.

It feels like Mogwai are back, showcasing their maturity, celebrating their youthful rock roots and throwing some surprises into the mix like Party in the Dark, which must be the catchiest, most infectious song they have ever released.

"Every Country’s Sun" is a great release and one of the best Mogwai albums of the last few years that really showcases why they are one of the most successful and revered bands in the post rock genre.

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