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Not quite sure how to renew your items or need to know how to access the WiFi? Check out our frequently asked questions below for answers! However, if your question isn't answered below, click here to fill out our Ask a Librarian online form.

My account...

  • How do I join the library?

    You can join the library either in person or online.

    If you join in a library branch, you will need to bring in ID, showing your name and current address, and you will receive your card right away with full borrowing rights.

    If you join the library online, you will receive a temporary library card number and PIN, giving you immediate access to our online resources and computers.

    Please note: Temporary library card numbers will expire after 3 months. To continue using Kingston Libraries' services after signing up online, you will need to visit one of our library branches with ID showing your name and current address.

    If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian will need to sign for the card on your behalf to borrow from the library. This person is the guarantor on the card and will be asked to present ID showing their name and current address. If you are 16 or 17, you can sign yourself up for an Internet only library card that also gives you access to our online resources.

  • What's my PIN?

    If you've forgotten your PIN, you can reset it by following the Forgot my Password link that's available when you go to sign into your library card on the online library catalogue.

    Please note: You will need to have a current and valid email address attached to your account for the Forgot my Password functionality to work. If you do not have an email address attached to your account, please contact the library by either calling 1300 135 668 or by visiting one of our library branches to speak to one of our friendly library staff who will be able to assist you.

  • How do I update my address, contact and/or personal details?

    If your personal details have changed, please come into any Kingston library branch with identification showing your new details. You may also update your details online by signing into your library card.

  • I've lost my library card! How do I get a replacement?

    To replace your card, please see staff at any branch. You will need to show identification with your name and current address on it.
    If you lose your library card, contact Kingston Libraries immediately, as you're responsible for all items borrowed on your card.


  • How many items can I borrow?

    You can borrow up to a total of 40 items on your card.

    BluRays and Wii Games have a special limit of 10 per card. XBOX ONE games, PS4 games, Launch Pads, and GoChips are limited to 2 per card. iPads are limited to 1 per card.

  • How long can I borrow items for?

    Books, Audiobooks, DVDs, BluRays, GoChips, and Music CDs can be borrowed for 3 weeks.

    Magazines, Wii games, XBOX ONE games, PS4 games, Launch Pads, and iPads can be borrowed for 1 week.

    All items can be renewed twice, unless an item has been placed on reserve by another borrower.

  • How do I tell when my items are due?

    Item due dates are printed on a receipt that you receive when borrowing. If you lose your receipt, or chose not to take one, you can check item due dates:

  • How do I renew items?

    You can renew items:

  • Why can't I renew my item?

    An item may not be renewed if:

    • The item has not reached the renewal limit (maximum 2 renewals per item)
    • The item has been reserved by another borrower
  • How do I return items?

    Return chutes are available at all of our library branches 24/7.

    You can return your Kingston library books to any Kingston library branch. For example, you books that you borrowed at Cheltenham library can be returned to Chelsea library.

  • What happens if I lose or damage an item?

    If you have lost or damaged an item, a replacement charge will be incurred. Contact library staff on 1300 135 668 or visit one of our library branches.

  • If I lose or damage an item, can I buy a replacement copy for the library myself?

    No. Lost or damaged items need to be assessed by library staff and an appropriate replacement charge calculated.

Library collections...

  • Can I place a hold on items that are out on loan?

    Yes! You can place a hold on any items currently out on loan using our online library catalogue or the Kingston Libraries mobile app which is available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

  • How much does it cost to place a hold on items?

    There is no charge to place a hold on items.

  • There's an item on the shelf at a branch that's not my local. Can I request it to be sent to a specific branch?

    Yes! If you see an item in our catalogue that's currently on the shelf, but not at your local branch, you can request the item be sent to your Kingston library branch of choice for free by calling us on 1300 135 668, by talking to one of our library staff, by using our online library catalogue, or by using the Kingston Libraries mobile app which is available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

  • Is it possible to suggest items for the library to purchase?

    Definitely! If there's an item you would like to borrow that doesn't currently appear on our catalogue, you can Suggest an Item for Purchase by filling out our online form, or by speaking to one of our librarians.

  • Does the library accept book donations?

    The library will accept donations of books provided they:

    • Are in excellent condition
    • Were published within the 12 months
    • Are not text books
    • Are inline with our collection policy.

    The library will only accept donations on the understanding that if we decide not to add them to our collection, they will be disposed of as we wish by passing on to other organisations for use. It must also be understood that any items that are added to our collection will not remain there indefinitely.

Library services...

  • When is the library open?

    We have nine library branches located across Kingston. Click on the name of your closest branch below to access their opening hours and location information, or click here to view all branch opening hours.

  • How do I access the public library Wi-Fi?

    We are currently in the process of transitioning to a new Wi-Fi service in our libraries. Below are the instructions for connecting to our existing Wi-Fi. As our libraries transition, however, this network will become unavailable. If this occurs, connect to the Kingston City Council Guest WiFi network.
    You will no longer require your library barcode to connect on the new network.

    You'll need your Kingston library card barcode number and PIN to access the public library wifi. To connect to the public library WiFi:

    • Search for available networks on your mobile device or laptop. This will usually be located in your device settings.
    • Tap on the WiFi network for the library branch you're currently at. For example, select ParkdaleLibrary to connect to the public library WiFi at Parkdale library.
    • After selecting the public library network, wait a few moments while your device connects and redirects you to the public WiFi login page. A security warning may appear as you are connecting to a public network. Click or tap to Continue through this and access the login page.
      If the login page does not appear, try opening a browser window and entering "" into the website address bar. If the login page still does not appear, please see one of our library staff for assistance.
    • Enter your full library card barcode number as your username and four digit PIN for your password, then click or tap Submit.
  • What are the family history volunteer hours?

    Family History Volunteers are available to assist you with your Family History Research at Parkdale Library during the following times:

    • Fridays (except the second Friday of the month) 10:00-1:00

    Please note our Family History Volunteers are not available during January.

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