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Staff Favourite Reads for 2017

Want to see what books Kingston Libraries' Staff have been enjoying in 2017?

We asked the librarians to share their favourite reads for the year and received some fantastic recommendations! Why not add one or two to your summer reading list to borrow?

'And I Darken'
by Kiersten White

"A retelling of the story of Vlad the Impaler with Vlad cast as a young warrior princess. Set against the backdrop of the court of the Ottoman Empire. Vlada is ruthless, brutal and focused on a single goal, the return to her beloved homeland and rightful kingdom of Wallachia."

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'Dare Me'
by Megan Abbott

"Dark and seductive Dare Me is what happens when you mix noir and high school cheerleading. The novel is permeated with a suffocating sense of imminent catastrophe and writing that will take your breath away."

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'Strange the Dreamer'
by Laini Taylor

"A god and a librarian meet in dreams and build world all of their own while a great lost city tumbles around them."

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'The Library at Mount Char'
by Scott Hawkins

"A dark and violent world where sibling gods battle for power with their gifts flowing out from the knowledge they have gained from a great library."

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'The Nix'
by Nathan Hill

"A tapestry of stories about the ways that past makes us who we are even when we don't know that it's shaping us."

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'The Dry'
by Jane Harper

"A really accomplished first novel by Jane Harper that explores the stresses of country life in contemporary Australia through the lens of a puzzling murder mystery."

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'The City of Mirrors'
by Justin Cronin

"The gripping conclusion to Justine Cronin's Passage trilogy, a sweeping saga of how humanity nearly destroys itself by unleashing some rather nasty vampires, but struggles back from the brink. Escapist entertainment at its best."

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'The Ministry of Utmost Happiness'
by Arundahti Roy

"A huge, sprawling saga encompassing love story, fantasy, and social commentary, tells the tales of a disparate group of people - hijra, Dalit, Kashmiri nationalist, architect, bureaucrat, journalist, and more - fighting for survival in contemporary India."

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'Ghost Empire'
by Richard Fidler

"Richard Fidler makes history fun with this easy to read account of the 1000 year history of Istanbul (Constantinople) from its heyday as the capital of the eastern Roman empire through to its eventual capitulation to the Ottomans in 1453."

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'All These Wonders: True stories about facing the unknown from The Moth'
edited by Catherine Burns

"Fifty moving, funny, revealing, inspirational real life stories originally told on stage and adapted for the page. These storytellers represent all walks of life from around the world. They are ordinary and extraordinary people to whom wonderful/ terrible things happened - and listening to them is enthralling!"

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'The Golden Age'
by Joan London

"The Golden Age is not a reference to a memorable time past, but rather the name of a pub in Leederville Western Australia, converted in the late 1940s to a children's convalescent home for victims of polio.

"It's a story of compassion, care, resilience and hope."

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'My Cousin Rachel'
by Daphne du Maurier

"Did she or didn't she? This book left me wondering about what had happened long after closing the last page. Such a skilled writer presenting a book that even today translate beautifully into film."

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'Victoria the Queen: An intimate biography of the woman who ruled the empire'
by Julia Baird

"An amazing account of a one of a kind woman who ruled an Empire and the men and women who surrounded her."

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'A Wife's Heart: The untold story of Bertha and Henry Lawson'
by Kerrie Davies

"This is a fascinating portrayal of a tempestuous and sad marriage of one of our famous literary icons. Bertha and Henry's biography is told against a dramatic series of events in Australia's history."

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'The Good Daughter'
by Karin Slaughter

"This crime writer never fails to keep you up late into the night with her murder and detective stories. Don't start with this one but take the journey back to her first fabulous novel Blindsighted and read them in order."

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'The Cows'
by Dawn O'Porter

"The funniest book that I've read in a while. It looks at the lives of three women. The contents could offend."

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'Minimalism: Live a meaningful life'
by Joshua Milburn

"I love this book so much I'm going to buy my own copy. Milburn covers growth, health and relationships and looks at ways we can live with less in all areas of our lives."

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'Mrs Whitlam'
by Bruce Pascoe
Junior Fiction

"Mrs Whitlam is a beautiful horse named after the Prime Minister's wife, Mrs Margaret Whitlam. The horse shows many of the characteristics of Mrs Whitlam, she is dignified, kind and strong. Through this very short story the reader sees that Marnie also possesses the same qualities as Mrs Whitlam, not only through one very brave act, but through her everyday interactions with others. This is a heartwarming story that clearly shows us the kindness of others."

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'The Break'
by Marian Keyes

"Amy's husband Hugh decides he wants to take a break from their marriage, not break up but a break. He wants to come back after six months. This is devastating and confusing for Amy, but does this mean Amy also gets a break? Marian Keyes explores marriage, family and friendship in this wonderfully entertaining story."

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'Hannah's Dress: Berlin 1904-2014'
by Pascale Hugues

"A very interesting and well-researched history book that describes the story of a single street in the German capital."

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'Three Days and a Life'
by Pierre Lemaitre

"A most intriguing story, well written and with a surprising denouement."

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'Prussian Blue'
by Philip Kerr

"A mystery with an absorbing plot which made made for a fascinating study of aspects of the Third Reich."

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