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Romance Reviews

Looking for some Romance Fiction? Check below for reviews of items that are available in our collections to borrow.

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'The Plumberry School of Comfort Food'
by Cathy Bramley

"I have to admit, it was the cover and inviting title of this book that won me over when scanning the shelves for a new read. It was bright and fun, immediately catching my eye, and the words within followed similarly. The Plumberry School of Comfort Food is exactly as its name suggests; a warm and delicious story, perfect to read under a blanket on the couch, with the dog at your feet and a cuppa in hand."

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'Two Steps Forward'
by Anne Buist and Graeme Simsion

"Life changing! As my husband and I wandered about Queenscliff main street with an hour to kill before check-in we saw a flyer advertising the Queenscliff literary festival. The featured event of the day was "A Camino Experience with 'Two Steps Forward' authors Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist". The subject didn't grab me, but I'd enjoyed Graeme Simsion's "The Rosie Project" and it was freezing outside so we thought, why not! Well, we sat on those hard cold seats in the old town hall and we were riveted! We bought the book. It was written by a husband and wife team so we decided to read the book together. My husband read Martin's part, originally written by Simsion and I read Zoe's written by Buist. It was in turn funny, informative and profound. Most of all it was inspiring! We could see why thousands of people every year chose to walk "The Way".

"The authors had written, "The Camino changes you, it's said. It's a chance to find a new version of yourself". On the last page my husband and I turned to each other and exclaimed in unison, "We're going!" I definitely think you'll like this book. Try it... and see you on the trail!"

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'An American Marriage'
by Tayari Jones

"Roy, you know you wouldn't have waited on me for seven years."

"Tayari Jones overheard this statement which became the inspiration for her novel An American Marriage. Roy and Celestial are a young couple that have only been married for a short time when Roy is charged and sentenced for a crime he didn't commit. The story follows their journey as a couple, and as individuals, and how it affects their relationship as well as the lives of those closest to them. As Roy is passing his time in prison, Celestial is trying to get on with her life, working out whether to stay or to leave. Andre, a childhood friend and best man at their wedding, also becomes entangled in this scenario.

"The characters are very real. Jones' writing makes it easy to emphasise with the characters' emotions and to understand their choices in response to their circumstances. The story is hard to put down as the reader wants to find what will happen to the characters, is it possible to have a happily ever after, after what they have been through?"

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'Would-be Witch'
by Kimberly Frost

"Wherein a completely untrained witch finds herself battling a homicidal werewolf pack and fighting to rescue the family ghost, all while trying to resist the charms of the smoking hot but utterly off limits town warlock and dealing with her jealous on again ex again ex-husband. Chaos ensues.

"This is a fast paced, fun paranormal romance with a lot going on. Frost has really set up the series with a full cast of characters and a couple of story arcs that leave you wanting more. If you pick this one up, make sure you have number two as well - you won't want to stop reading at the end of book one!"

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'Hate to Want You'
by Alisha Rai

"The chemistry in 'Hate to Want You' is practically explosive when tattoo artist Livvy Kane arrives back in town to the… distraction… of former flame, Nicholas Chandler. Between a serious family feud that's warring with temptation so sizzling that they should probably both jump in a lake, and their own misconceptions of the other, this is an addictive read about just how many forms obstinacy can take. A modern love story of two people who are willing to grow beyond their desire and evolve to give what their other half truly needs."

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'Gilded Lily'
by Delphine Dryden

"Freddie is a society debutante who desperately wants to just be able to tinker with machinery. She has become so troublesome in her escapades that her father has resorted to assigning young men in his employ to keep tabs on her under the guise of courting her. None of them last long and she has become adept at slipping the leash, leaving the disingenuous gents in her dust - that is until Barnabas Smith-Grenville comes along. This is a fun and spirited steampunk romance. It's the usual tale, boy meets girl, they go on a romantic outing (girl steals a state of the art submersible), they discover common interests (smashing an opium smuggling ring) and admire the local wildlife (an audience of rampaging giant cephalopods intent on destroying a secret military installation). Lovers of steampunk romance will enjoy this tale of true love and explosions."

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'Lost & Found'
by Brooke Davis

"Lost and Found kept me smiling, with loveable characters who have all lost someone: Karl the Touch Typist is 87 years old and looking for an adventure - although he doesn't know that yet; Agatha Pantha is 82 and shouts angrily from her window at passers-by - but perhaps that's because she hasn't left the house since her husband died; and then Millie Bird is 7 and has lost her mum in the department store. These two unlikely conspirators take a road trip across Western Australia to help a little girl who's lost her mum and discover that not only is there life after loss, but that friendship comes in many shapes and ages."

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'Angels' Blood'
by Nalini Singh

"Imagine a world where Angels, vampires, humans and other species live together in harmony … or maybe not always... Elena Deveraux vampire hunter knows she is the best at what she does, tracking down vampires that have broken the laws. Elena has been hired by the dangerously beautiful archangel Raphael, an Angel that is so lethal that no human wants his attention. She knows that failure is not an option. From their first encounter a spark ignited; which not even near death could tear them apart...."

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