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Fine Amnesty

From Monday 1 July we will be waiving library fines for any Kingston library customers who may have them. This "Fine Amnesty" campaign will run for 3 months until Monday 30 September.

Why a Fine Amnesty?

We heard that fines were a barrier to many using their library and we listened.

We hope this will give all our customers an opportunity to pop back into their local library, see what's new, and allow them to benefit from the wide variety of wonderful services, resources, and programs we have to offer.

Kingston Libraries values our customers and would like to thank all customers for accessing the library and services. We are aware the "Fine Amnesty" campaign does not immediately benefit every customer. As we move forward over the next 12 months, however, there will be a number of changes taken on board with the hope that these will benefit all in some way. Keep an eye out and, as always, we welcome your feedback!

What if I still have items out that are overdue?

You may still have long overdue library items. If you do please return them, no questions asked. All fines will be waived.

What happens when the Fine Amnesty ends?

From Monday 30 September, when the Fine Amnesty ends, all junior and young adult items will no longer incur overdue fines.

We're listening, we're changing.

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Have any questions or concerns?

Please don't hesitate to contact us by calling 1300 135 668, emailing library@kingston.vic.gov.au, or by coming in for a chat with one of our friendly library staff members if you have any questions or concerns.