Panel findings regarding Endeavour Cove released

Published on 17 May 2023

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The independent panel considering the future of planning rules for Endeavour Cove in Patterson Lakes has released its recommendations following a recent public hearing.

Kingston Council has proposed a range of planning changes in the area, titled Planning Scheme Amendment C205, and an independent panel was formed to hear submissions and make recommendations on future planning for the area.

The panel findings, released last week, are generally supportive of council’s proposals to the Planning Panel, most notably regarding mandatory buildings heights, parking, and overall development outcomes, but did include some recommendations to further enhance the relevant planning controls.

Kingston Mayor Hadi Saab said Endeavour Cove has different planning rules to other areas of our city. “We are aiming to update and modernise them, in turn making them far clearer and more consistent for the community, council and the land owner,” Cr Saab said.

“We have been updating and seeking input around this over the past few years. The receipt of the Planning Panel report marks the next stage of the Planning Scheme Amendment process.

Some of the key findings and recommendations from the panel include:

  • Support for mandatory building heights in Endeavour Cove, subject to some changes.
  • Support for keeping locally tailored car parking rates and transferring them into a new planning control – a Parking Overlay – subject to some minor changes.
  • Refinements to the proposed Comprehensive Development Zone (CDZ) Schedule and the proposed Comprehensive Development Plan to make them clearer and improve useability.

Through C205 Council is seeking to:

  • Update the existing controls to bring them in-line with contemporary planning standards.
  • Provide new wording to make the zone schedule clearer and easier to understand.
  • Introduce planning permit requirements to make clearer the considerations associated with proposals for developments such as apartment buildings.

Council is yet to make a decision regarding the Planning Scheme Amendment based on the recommendations of the Planning Panel Report. A report will be listed for the Council Meeting on 26 June 2023 to further formally consider this matter. 

“I would like to thank all members of the community who made submissions to the Planning Scheme Amendment process and to the members of the Patterson Lakes community who have participated in all the processes undertaken by council on The Cove matter to this point,” Cr Saab said.

If the Council were to resolve to adopt the Planning Scheme Amendment, it will be submitted to the Minister for Planning for the final decision. For more information on Amendment C205 please visit the project page or call Council's Strategic Planning team on 1300 653 356.



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