No electoral signage on council land

Published on 09 May 2022

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With the federal election now less than two weeks away, Council is again reminding all candidates and their supporters that it is illegal to put electoral signs on Council owned land.

The rules regarding Council and private land include:

Electoral signs placed on Council land

  • Clause 93 of the Community Local Law prohibits a person placing or displaying any advertising sign on any road or Council land
  • This carries a penalty of $200

Electoral signs placed on private land

Under the provisions of Clause 52.05 of the Kingston Planning Scheme, a permit is not required for the display of a sign publicising a political event. This sign may include information about a candidate for an election and must comply with the following:

  • A display area not exceeding 5 square metres
  • Only one sign may be displayed on the land
  • Must not be an animated or internally illuminated
  • It must not be displayed longer than 14 days after the event is held or for three months in total, whichever is sooner.

Kingston Mayor Steve Staikos said while advertising is an important component of the democratic process, is simply had to be done in accordance with the rules.

“Unfortunately, we have a situation where candidates’ signs have been placed on Council land right across Kingston. This is simply not on,” Cr Staikos said.

“We have received numerous complaints, and rightly so, and we are taking action to ensure compliance.

“Candidates and their parties simply must be respectful and adhere to these rules that are crystal clear.” 


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