Media Statement - Moorabbin Airport Masterplan

Published on 07 September 2023

Aerial view of runway and buildings at Moorabbin Airport.

Council is pleased to see that significant changes have been made to the Moorabbin Airport Masterplan to protect the future of aviation at the site.

We’re hopeful for clear skies ahead following a successful campaign by aviation businesses and Kingston Council to secure the future of aviation at Moorabbin Airport.

The new masterplan was released yesterday, and Council will discuss the details with the Moorabbin Airport Chamber of Commerce in coming days, but our first impressions are largely positive.

We are pleased to see the masterplan guarantees no decrease in land dedicated to aviation purposes and that commercial warehouses are prohibited in these areas – which were some of our key concerns with the earlier draft masterplan. Commercial uses have grown at the site with a reduction in aviation space in successive masterplans. 

We are pleased that Minister King listened to the concerns of aviation businesses and Council which resulted in much-needed improvements being made. 

However, Council is deeply disappointed that the masterplan continues to offer no protection for neighbouring homeowners who may face largescale warehouses towering over their homes.

We are pleased that the Minister’s review of aviation has commenced and hope it results in critical changes to ensure the rights of aviation businesses, neighbouring homes and critical safety issues are properly addressed through updated legislation.

It is utterly absurd that aviation businesses were kept in the dark about the contents of the masterplan and new legislation is needed to make sure proper and transparent engagement takes place when deciding the future of planning on what remains Commonwealth-owned land. 


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