Historic moment as Kingston elects first female Mayor and Deputy team

Published on 09 November 2023

Mayor Jenna Davey-Burns and Deputy Mayor Tracey Davies post after election

Kingston will be led by its first ever female Mayor and Deputy Mayor team with Councillor Jenna Davey-Burns elected as Mayor and Tracey Davies as Deputy Mayor for the year.  

Wattle Ward Councillor Davey-Burns was elected to Council in 2020 and is serving her first term as Mayor. She has previously served as Deputy Mayor. Chicquita Ward Councillor Davies was also elected to Council in 2020 and is serving her first term as Deputy Mayor.  

Cr Davey-Burns said she was deeply honoured that her colleagues had placed their trust in her and is both humbled and elated to serve and lead Kingston.

“I am very focused on building strong, collaborative, and transparent partnerships with our community. By working together, breaking down barriers and celebrating everyone in our community we can build an even more cohesive, connected, and inclusive Kingston,” Cr Davey-Burns said.

This historic moment is the first time Kingston has elected a female Mayor and Deputy Mayor team.  

“How exciting to be part of Kingston’s first all-female Mayor and Deputy Mayor team,” Cr Davey-Burns said.

“Representation matters. Girls and young women deserve to have strong role models and opportunities to take up leadership roles in their schools, clubs, workplaces, and local councils.” 

Chicquita Ward Councillor Tracey Davies said it was an incredible honour to be elected Deputy Mayor. 

“I am extremely proud to represent Kingston as Deputy Mayor and look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with the Mayor, councillors and the community to achieve positive results,” Cr Davies said.

“Council will continue working hand-in-hand with our community and I am confident that together we can deliver a bright future for our city.” 

The pair paid tribute to the many friends, family and mentors who had encouraged and supported them to succeed. 

“We have a truly remarkable community, live in one of the most wonderful places in the world and have so much ahead of us. We are stronger together,” Cr Davey-Burns said.


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