Independent panel to determine new controls for Endeavour Cove

Published on 24 November 2022


A Planning Scheme Amendment for Endeavour Cove in Patterson Lakes (C205) will proceed to an independent planning panel for determination.

Kingston Mayor Hadi Saab said Council has been working with our community in an effort to update and modernise the planning rules that cover Endeavour Cove.

“Two rounds of extensive community consultation have been key aspects of this process, with the Planning Scheme Amendment reflective of what we have heard,” Cr Saab said.

“Endeavour Cove has unique planning rules to other areas of Kingston. After a legal review undertaken in 2020, we identified some compliance issues relating to the planning controls in this area.

“The proposed new controls address sensitive issues such as parking, height controls and overall development outcomes, with the aim of making them far clearer and more consistent.”

Through C205 Council is seeking to:

  • Update the existing controls to bring them in-line with contemporary planning standards.
  • Provide new wording to make the zone schedule clearer and easier to understand.
  • Introduce a planning permit requirement for some buildings and works that are currently exempt (such as apartment developments).

Anyone who made a submission regarding C205 will now be invited to present their views to the planning panel to ensure their important feedback and experiences are considered.

The planning panel hearings are proposed to be held in February and March 2023, with exact dates to be confirmed.


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