Your complaints help to improve our services.

Make a complaint

We encourage you to let us know if we get it wrong. That’s because learning from complaints is the best way to get it right.

We take all complaints seriously and always try to find a solution before it becomes a big problem. 

We aim to respond to any complaint within 10 working days. We may contact you for extra details, so please try to include as many facts as possible as well as the best time and way to reach you.

All your information is private and will only be used to reply to your complaint.

If you have lodged feedback with us and feel we have not responded properly, please contact the relevant department and ask that a more senior member of staff investigate your complaint. You can do this by emailing, using our contact form, or calling 1300 653 356.  

If you have tried this and still remain dissatisfied, please contact the Customer Advocacy team by phone on 1300 653 356, send an email to or put it in writing and send it to City of Kingston, PO Box 1000, Mentone 3194.  

If a complaint needs to be escalated further, we suggest that you fill in the Ombudsman Victoria complaint form, phone 1800 806 314 or email