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BayCISS (Bayside Community Information and Support Service Inc)                      
Hampton East: 9555 6560                            
A free Legal Advice Service is available on some Monday and Tuesday evenings. Our volunteer solicitors provide a 15minute time slot for clients to seek general legal advice and direction on how they could proceed with a matter.

Court Network
Melbourne Court network: 1800 681 614                                   
Assist people with community information, support, advocacy and referral services including counselling service and a legal advice program, self help and mutual support groups.

Everyday Law         
Melbourne: 9604 8100                                  
Everyday-Law is published by Victoria Law Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit organisation funded by the Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner. Everyday-Law provides Victorians with reliable, easy-to-understand legal information in one spot to make dealing with legal issues simpler.

Mentone Community Assistance and Information Bureau Inc. 
Mentone: 9583 2436
Legal Service - Tuesday evenings. Support available for financial hardship.

Peninsula Community Legal Centre
Bentleigh: 1800 064 784
Free legal service providing initial legal advice and information.

Youth Law
Melbourne: 9611 2412
Free and confidential legal advice and information for young people up to the age of 25.