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Litter in Kingston

Litter is waste that’s put in the wrong place.  Litter is a bottle thrown out the car window, a banana peel that misses a bin or a dumped trailer full of demolition rubble. It’s lawn clippings swept in to the stormwater drain, it’s a bag of dumped household rubbish on the nature strip.  Litter has many forms and is found in many places, ruining the appearance of our public streets, parks and beaches and hurting the animals that call these places home.

Litter comes from shopping strips, farms, construction sites, businesses, households and individuals.  Wind and rain moves the litter thrown on the ground in to our stormwater system or in to rivers which carries it to the ocean.

Litter causes many problems.  Broken glass bottles in parks can injure visitors and discarded food waste can attract vermin and flies which spreads diseases.  Litter impacts on the appearance of public spaces, making them less enjoyable for people to spend time in.  Wildlife can be caught in fishing lines or made sick from eating plastic bags.  Some animals become reliant on discarded food to survive and when there’s a lot of it they can push out native fauna that are more sensitive to changes in their environment and compete with them for habitat.  Just one cigarette butt has the ability to kill half of the fish living in a 1 litre container and the butts are not biodegradable.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to help reduce litter. You can help by:

  • Reporting people who litter to the EPA. This can be done online by visiting
  • Making sure the lid can close on your wheelie bin so birds and wind don’t spread rubbish on to the ground
  • Don't put your hard waste on the nature strip without making a booking first. You can find information on how to book a collection here
  • Using your garden waste bin for lawn clippings, not sweeping them in to the drain
  • Not pouring oils or chemicals down the stormwater drain
  • Carrying a cigarette butt bin or making sure butts are placed into litter bins not thrown on the ground
  • Carry dog poo bags to pick up after your dog
  • Taking your rubbish home if there are no bins available
  • Always have a bag in your car for litter and pick up litter that you see when you’re out
  • Join a clean up event or register a site for Clean up Australia Day by visiting


Further Information

Want to learn more about litter and why it’s an issue?  Here are some organisations that are taking action on litter through research, education, direct action and enforcement.

Clean up Australia

Victorian Litter Action Alliance

Environmental Protection Authority

Sustainability Victoria

Keep Australia Beautiful

Beach Patrol

3196 BEACH PATROL (Chelsea, Bonbeach and Edithvale)

Contact: Lucy Bonham



Contact: Andie Carlon



Contact: Tony Buckle



Contact: Richard McCurdy

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