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Vehicle Crossings and Road Openings

Download the Vehicle crossing / road opening permit form here

Vehicle crossings, although they are on Council land, need to be maintained by property owners, as they are primarily constructed to ensure vehicles can access the property in a safe manner.

Here is an example of a vehicle crossing area that is the owner's responsibility VX-diagram.pdf

To ensure that vehicle crossings are constructed to a safe, consistent and practical standard, Council has developed standard drawings S201, S202 & S203 which can are included in the Vehicle crossing / road opening permit application in Related Information.

All new and amendments to existing vehicle crossings require a vehicle crossing permit with specific conditions that need to be followed at all times. The cost of a vehicle crossing permit is currently $129.00, and can be downloaded from this page. 

In instances where an Asset Protection Permit has been taken out; provided that only reinstatement works are required and there is no change to the vehicle crossing, reinstatement of the vehicle crossing can be done under the Asset Protection Permit.  However, in this instance the standard permit conditions of the 'Vehicle crossing / Road opening permit' need to be adhered to at all times and concreters will need to arrange for a pre-pour inspection by calling 9581 4342

Road Openings (Trenches & Excavations)

All trenches or excavations within the road surface require a Road Opening Permit, for example, stormwater connection, stormwater pit connection, stormwater repair. Kingston's Road Opening Permit fee is currently $129 and application pack can be downloaded from this page.

The Vehicle Crossing/Road Opening Permit Conditions must be adhered to at all times.

Standard Drawings for Roadworks

Standard drawings are for the following Roadworks: Kerb Profiles (S101-105), Vehicle Crossings (S201-204), Paths (S301-304), Pit Details (S401-415), Melbourne Water (SMH.0.3.10), SEW (S501-505) Pipe Connections, Traffic (S601-603)and Tactile Indicators (S701-715)