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Kingston City Council is responsible for inspecting, maintaining and reconstructing approximately 617 km of municipal roads and 798 km of stormwater pipe in the City of Kingston.

Local Councils have responsibility for the management of assets like road pavements, kerbs and channels, road shoulders, pathways, bridges, retaining walls, traffic management infrastructure such as roundabouts and speed humps, signs, pavement markings and street furniture such as bollards, seating and bicycle racks.

Information bulletins for current road, footpath and drainage capital works can be viewed via the link in Related Information to Roads and Drainage Works.

Road Management Plan

Kingston is made up of two road networks - the municipal roads that Council is responsible for managing, and the state roads managed by VicRoads. As a guide, municipal roads are generally shown in the Melways as red, orange or brown in colour.

Kingston City Council's Road Management Plan relates to the inspection, maintenance and repair of public roads. The Plan describes the road assets that Council is responsible for and the standard to which these assets will be maintained. Kingston's Road Management Plan 2021-2025 was adopted at Council's Ordinary Council Meeting on 28 June 2021.

Works in the Road Reserve Permits

There are four individual permits for Vehicle Crossings, Road Openings, Asset Protection and Road Occupation & Works, which are independent of each other.

  • Vehicle Crossing Permit is Council’s fee for works on the vehicle crossing by the owner/resident.
  • Asset Protection Permit is Council’s fee and bond to ensure that Council’s assets are not damaged during building works.
  • Road Opening Permit is Council’s fee for builders and plumbers who have to dig up and reinstate the road surface.
  • Road Occupation & Works is Council's fee for any roadworks on Council owned roads that may involve full or partial road closure and/or occupation, a Road Occupation & Works Permit is required.  This application covers Traffic Management Plans, Works Zones, shipping containers and other occupation of Council land that needs the approval of Council Traffic Engineers before road works can start.  An application for a Road Occupation & Works Permit can be downloaded via Traffic & Transport Management page, see Related Information.

These permits do not cover multiple works. For example, a Vehicle Crossing Permit only covers the construction of a vehicle crossing. If the vehicle crossing is being constructed as part of major building works and there is a risk that Council's footpath, kerb and channel could be damaged, an Asset Protection Permit is also required. If a plumber is needed to dig a trench in the road surface for water tapping then a separate Road Opening Permit is required.  See the table below for current fees.

Permit Amount
 Vehicle Crossing $140
 Road Opening $140
 Asset Protection $290 non refundable fee, plus security bond
 Road Occupation & Works Permit Various

Detailed information can be obtained on the Vehicle Crossings & Road Openings page, Asset Protection Permits page and Traffic & Transport Management page.

Roads and Drains Contractors

Prior to gaining approval to erect traffic control devices on the road reservation, the developer/contractor must submit a Traffic Management Plan showing the proposed provision of traffic and signing for the duration of works.

The Traffic Management Plan meets the requirements of the Road Management Act Worksite Safety – Traffic management Code of Practice 2004, incorporating Australian Standard AS1742.3-2002 “Traffic Control Devices for Works On Roads”.

Council's Standard Drawings, Standard Contract and Specification, and information on Traffic Management can be downloaded via the links in Related Information.

Council Requirements for Developers

Council's Roads and Drains Design Standards and Water Sensitive Urban Design Guidelines can be downloaded via the links in Related Information.

The following Council standards for road and stormwater drainage design and construction can be downloaded via the Engineering Assessments page:

  • Civil Design Requirements for Developers, Part A - Integrated Stormwater Management
  • Civil Design Requirements for Developers, Part B - Roadworks & Construction Plans
  • On-site drainage Declaration Form
  • Standard Specifications for Civil works
  • Standard drawings

Please click on the following links for information regarding:

Register of Public Roads

Information can be downloaded via the links in Related Information.