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Older Road Users


Murcotts DRIVE for Life Courses

These 3 hour sessions are designed to provide older drivers with up to date information to assist them to continue driving safely. Topics include health, medications, road rules, common issues, and car maintenance and vehicle choice.

Wiser Driver

This 4 x two hour course covers topics such as:

  • Building confidence and awareness,
  • Outlining changes to road rules,
  • Updgrading skills and experience,
  • Outlining vehicle and driver roadworthiness,
  • Handling difficult conditions, and
  • Planning for the future.

Keeping Safe and Mobile

Hear driving educators and occupational therapists discuss important health information and provide advice on individual driving and mobility issues for older drivers. Includes RACV, Occupational Therapist and Kingston Council presentations.

Older Road User Courses

How long has it been since you got your driver's licnece?

For some older drivers it has been a significant number of years since obtaining their drivers licence. There have been a number of changes to the road rules in the last 30 years and it is the responsibility of the individual to make sure that you are up to date.

Are you up to date with all Road Rule Changes?

The City of Kingston has a commitment to the safety of older drivers. We have a number of different older driver education programs that are offered FREE of charge to residents to assist them to update their knowledge and continue to drive safely for longer.

DRIVE 4 LIFE is a once off 3 hour information session delivered by Murcotts Driving Excellence. It provides up to date information for older drivers relating to road rules, safety issues and health assessments.