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Tree Pruning Collection



If you place material out for collection under the tree pruning collection service that does not conform to the limits and conditions for the service you will be advised via a note in your letter box and  it will not be collected.  You will then need to rectify the problem and re-book it as a new collection.


Collection conditions include:


  • All bundles must be tied with strong string or twine (rope, wire, plastic or stockings are not acceptable)
  • Tied bundles of branches must not exceed 30cm in diameter
  • Maximum number of tied bundles is 20
  • Total amount of branches left out should not exceed 2 cubic metres
  • Branches must not exceed 1.5 metres in length
  • Larger branches each counted as a bundle must not exceed 20cm in diameter (tree stumps are not acceptable)
  • Ivy bamboo, creepers, palm trees, cordalines, rose bushes, grass cuttings, loose leaves or other soft or thorny plants are not acceptable.


Residents are reminded to place materials out on the nature strip over the weekend prior to booking the collection on Monday. This is a free service and may be used each week after making a booking. Requests lodged prior to 4.00pm on a Monday will be collected that week. Requests lodged after 4.00pm on a Monday will be collected the following week.


I would like to make a tree pruning collection booking