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Lost or Stray Pets

Lost Your Pet?

If you've lost a pet you can contact Council's Pound Service:
Lost Dogs’ Home
920 Thompson Road, Cranbourne.
Ph: (03) 9702 8055
Monday to Friday : 10am - 6pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9am - 12:30pm 

Kingston Lost and Found Pets Facebook page

Council has a lost and found pets Facebook page that aims to help reunite owners with their lost pet.

City of Kingston Officers use this page to post information about found domestic animals; including an image of the pet and the location and approximate time it was found.

The community is welcome to post images of lost pets on the Kingston Lost and Found Pets page; however, it must not be used to offer rewards for finding pets. Posts containing rewards, advertising or unsuitable language will be removed.

Please be reassured if your dog is found registered with Kingston and wearing a Council tag, Council will endeavor to contact you with the purpose of reuniting you with your lost pet.

Please note: The images posted on this page may not accurately reflect how the pets look. If your pet is missing, Council strongly encourages you to visit Council’s Pound Service to view an animal in person to determine if it is your pet.

Remember: It is the responsibility of pet owners to find their missing pet. Do not rely on this Facebook page alone to locate your cat or dog. You should always ring Council’s Pound Service on 9702 8055 to register your information and call back regularly to check whether a cat or dog matching your pet’s description has been picked up. The community is also encouraged to contact neighbouring municipalities, as well as vets and local shelters such as Australian Animal Protection Society, Peninsula Animal Aid and Burwood RSPCA.

Found A Pet?

If you have found a pet, please notify Council on 1300 653 356. If owners are looking for it and you fail to report the animal, they may not be able to find it.

Protect Your Pet!

Some lost dogs are never reunited with their owners as they can't be identified. Your dog must wear a current council registration tag to help us reunite you and your pet if you are separated. It's also a good idea to have an ID tag with your name and address.

Impounded Pets

Councils are required to keep a dog for 8 days if it's impounded. If your dog is in the pound, you must collect it and pay a fee plus any fines for relevant offences.

Lost dogs

Pets can make a positive contribution to our community and we want to make it easier for Kingston residents to be responsible pet owners.

Dogs collected by Council’s rangers will now be returned to owner’s workplaces in or to a nominated emergency contact in Kingston.

In the past, if an owner wasn’t home or couldn’t be contacted, their lost dog would be taken to the Lost Dogs Home in Cranbourne for later collection. Our officers will now be able to drop the dog at the owners’ workplace or to an emergency contact if they are available to take the dog within 30 minutes.

Council will also introduce a first-time warning notice that will be issued to owners of registered dogs found wandering at large. 

We've also waived the fee for replacing lost dog tags.