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Significant Tree Register

The City of Kingston Register of Signifcant Trees identifies exotic, native and indigenous trees on private and public land that have special significance.  The trees have been identified because of their horticultural value, location or context, are rare or have localised distribution, are particularly old, are of an outstanding size, provide aesthetic value or are of curious growth form, are outstanding examples of their species or are of cultural or historical significance.  Some of these trees are also included on the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) Register of Significant Trees.

How do I know if a particular tree is listed on the register?

Download the City of Kingston Register of Significant Trees

Alternatively, please feel free to visit Council's Vegetation Department at Level 1, 1230 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham between the hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm, or phone 9581 4131.