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Flooding and drainage

For emergency assistance in times of flooding contact the Victoria State Emergency Services (SES) on 132 500.

Flooding may arise for many different reasons:

  • blocked or damaged pits and drains
  • poor private drainage
  • severe weather events including really heavy rainfall.

We are responsible for maintaining local drains and look after any flooding from drains in Kingston. Melbourne Water looks after main drains and flooding from rivers and creeks.

Who is responsible for what type of flooding incidents?

The property owner is responsible for:

  • internal drainage issues (within private property)
  • stormwater outlet from your property boundary to the kerb and channel (street).

Melbourne Water is responsible for:

  • main drains.

Council is responsible for:

  • flooding of roads, footpaths, and nature strips.
Infographic of stormwater drainage maintenance responsibilities

If there is flooding from Council's drainage system, you can report the flooding incident to us.

Additional resources

Emergency Service updates

Please download the VicEmergency App or visit the VicEmergency webpage for live warnings and information.

The lead agency for flood response in Victoria is Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES).

For flood tips/advice follow Victoria State Emergency Service on Facebook or VICSES News on Twitter.

Fact sheet

For more information about flooding, download our flooding fact sheet (PDF, 566 KB).