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Online Valuation Enquiry Form

Council has been advised by the Valuer-General that objections based on Coronavirus (COVID-19) will not be considered for assessment notices with a valuation date of 1 January 2020 (or earlier). For more information please refer to the Coronavirus (COVID -19) and valuations fact sheet from the Valuer-General’s website.

Please note:
there may be delays with enquiry and objection response times due to COVID-19, you will be informed of any delays by our contracted valuers should this be the case.

If your enquiry relates to the Rates amount which is currently being charged, please contact Council's Rates Department on 1300 653 356 to discuss your rating enquiry or visit our Rates page for further information on Council Rates.

If you have a question about your Property valuations, please complete the form below.

Upon receipt of your enquiry, Council will forward it to the Valuers who are contracted by the Valuer General Victoria for the Kingston municipality. This may serve to remove the need for your enquiry to be treated as a formal valuation objection if it is not required at this stage.

However, if you do not believe that registering your enquiry will assist you, you may wish to have the information provided below considered as a notice of objection.

Please indicate appropriately on this form if it is your intention is to pursue a formal objection by;

  • stating your intention to formally object to the valuation within the comments area available, and
  • by ticking the option located at the bottom of this form

Please be advised, by writing your intentions to formally object within the comments area available on this page, and in ticking this option box available, you are indicating your preference to pursue the matter via the formal objection process (see back of Rates and Valuations Notice for further information) with the Contract Valuer.

We would kindly request that you please provide as much detail as you can in order for Council to assist with your valuation enquiry or the Contract Valuers proceeding with a formal valuation objection.


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* Enquiry: I wish to discuss this valuation enquiry with Council (and the Contract Valuers where required) in possibly resolving my enquiry or concern. In selecting this option, I submit this as a valuation enquiry only. I understand that this does not constitute my advice to commence the formal objection process. I will be provided with an opportunity to have my concern addressed and heard with supporting evidence provided by the Contract Valuers to me regarding the valuations assessed for this property. If I wish to proceed with a formal valuation objection at a later stage, that option is available to me, provided my objection is lodged within the timeframes required under the Valuation Land Act 1960 (refer back of Rates and Valuations notice). I have completed the form to the best of my ability in providing the information requested to obtain the answers I am seeking regarding the valuations.

* Objection: Please consider this to be my written advice in wishing to pursue the formal objection process (Valuation Land Act 190 – as amended).In selecting this option, this is to be considered as my written advice, formally objecting to the valuations. I understand the requirements of the Valuation of Land Act 1960 (Section 16) as a person objecting against the statutory rating valuation(s). In support of my objection, I provide my opinion of value with grounds for the objection, and understand I will be requested to provide sales evidence (or relevant material) in support of my opinion against the prescribed valuations shown on this Rates and Valuations notice. I have provided this information (excluding evidence at this time) as required on this form. I am aware that subject to the outcome of this objection (with determination made by the Contract Valuer within 4 months from the date of objection lodged), if I am not satisfied with the decision and outcome, I may appeal the decision through VCAT (please refer to back of Rates and Valuations notice).