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Online Valuation Enquiry Form

Council has been advised by the Valuer-General that objections based on Coronavirus (COVID-19) will not be considered for assessment notices with a valuation date of 1 January 2020 (or earlier). For more information please refer to the Coronavirus (COVID -19) and valuations fact sheet from the Valuer-General’s website.

Please note:
there may be delays with enquiry and objection response times due to COVID-19, you will be informed of any delays by our contracted valuers should this be the case.

If your enquiry relates to the Rates amount which is currently being charged, please contact Council's Rates Department on 1300 653 356 to discuss your rating enquiry or visit our Rates page for further information on Council Rates.

Valuation Enquiry

If you have a question about your property valuations, Council can refer your question about your valuation to our external valuer. If you would like to lodge an enquiry online to be assessed by our external valuer, please submit your valuation enquiry via the following link: Valuation Enquiry

We would kindly request that you please provide as much detail as you can in order for Council to assist with your valuation enquiry. This will assist our Contract Valuers in advising you if you need to lodge a formal objection with the Valuer General Victoria (VGV) via the objection portal. Upon receipt of your enquiry, Council will forward it to the valuers who are contracted by the Valuer General of Victoria for the Kingston municipality.

You may also write and submit your objection via post, or in person via our customer service counter . To write in to Council please write to PO Box 1000, Mentone 3194 or visit our customer service counter at 1230 Nepean Highway during business hours 8:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays) to submit your written enquiry in person.

Please note valuation enquiries will not be taken over the phone or in person and must be in writing.

Valuation Objection (formal)

The Valuer-General is the responsible valuation authority for most municipalities within Victoria. If you disagree with the value of your property, as listed on your Council rate notice you can lodge an objection.  An objection must be in writing and directed to the relevant rating authority within two months of the issued rates notice.  It should state the value of your property, the grounds on which you are objecting and any reasoning as to why you disagree with the valuation.

If you do not believe that registering your enquiry will assist you, you may wish to lodge of a formal objection to the Valuer General of Victoria. Objections to a valuation shown on your council valuation and rate notice can be lodged electronically with the objections portal. Objections can be directly submitted to the Valuer General of Victoria via the objection portal, which is available via the following link Valuation Objection Portal

Before proceeding with the online objection, please ensure you have your rates notice and any supporting documentation available for input into the portal.