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Fire Services Levy

As of 1 July 2013 all councils in Victoria have been directed to charge the Fire Services Property Levy.

This property based levy will be used to fund the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFB) and Country Fire Authority (CFA). The Fire Services Property Levy will replace the existing insurance-based funding model as recommended by the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission.

Properties in the MFB area will be levied to fund the MFB and properties in the CFA area will be levied to fund the CFA.

The levy will consist of a:

  • fixed component of $109 for residential and $221 for commercial, industrial, and primary production properties
  • variable component calculated as a percentage of the capital improved value of a property. The variable component will be set by the State Government.

The Government will fund $50 for concession holders currently qualified for rate rebates. Many properties exempt from rates (places of worship and RSL Clubs) will have to pay the levy.

The levy will be listed on Council rate notices, collected by Council and paid to the State Government. The levy will not be included in Council’s budgets because it is not Council’s money.

The levy will be based on property value rather than fire risk. Municipalities with high property values but low fire risk are expected to pay more overall. Actual outcomes will vary from property to property. The State Government has stated that Victorian residential property owners overall will be better off as a result of this reform and that the new system will be more equitable.

For more information go to

If you have questions regarding how this will affect your insurance, please contact your insurer.

If your insurer is unable to provide a sufficient response you can contact the Fire Services Levy Monitor on 1300 300 635.

For more information about the Fire Services Levy Department of Treasury and Finance call State Revenue Office, Customer Service on 132 161.

Map below: Dark grey  - MFB area. Light grey - CFA area.