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Planning Consultation Meeting

What is a Planning Consultation Meeting?

A Planning Consultation Meeting is a common practice used by Council's City Development Department to bring the applicant and objectors together in the presence of Council Officers and Ward Councillors (where applicable) in order to discuss any issues or concerns that may have arisen as a result of an impending planning application.

Benefits of a Planning Consultation Meeting include:

Issues and concerns can be thoroughly explored with all parties involved in the relevant discussion;

Mutually satisfactory outcomes may be achieved between both applicant and objector;

Forum for applicant to explain their proposal and respond to objector's concerns;

Forum for objectors to voice their opinion, and ask questions of the applicant and / or the Council Planning Officer; and

Opportunity for Ward Councillors to hear the opinion of all parties involved in the Planning Application process.


When is a Planning Consultation Meeting Held?

Applications that receive 6 or more objections will be subject to a Planning Consultation meeting.

For applications that receive 5 or less objections, the assigned Planning Officer will contact the objectors by telephone and discuss their submission; followed by a telephone conversation with the applicant to ascertain if the objectors concerns can be resolved.

Upon the request of an objector a Planning Consultation will be held (regardless of the number of objections on an application).


How Will I be notified of a Planning Consultation Meeting?

The letter advising the applicant and objectors, of the time, date and venue of the Planning Consultation must be posted not less than seven (7) days from the date set for the Planning Consultation, giving people adequate time to organise attendance.

Invitations will be sent to Ward Councillors and any additional interested Councillor(s) via electronic invitation. Councillors are encouraged to confirm their intention


What happens after the Planning Consultation Meeting?

At the end of the Planning Consultation Meeting any issues, together with any agreements that have been made between the parties will be summarised by the Chairperson. 

Council's Planning Officer will collate all information and then conduct a full assessment of the application including objectors concerns, and any agreements or resolutions made at the Planning Consultation Meeting.

For more information in relation to the assessment and Decision Making Process, please Click Here.



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