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Lodging Your Application

Information Required When Lodging a Planning Application

When you are ready to lodge your Application for Planning Permit, the following information is required to be submitted: 

  • A fully completed and signed Application for Planning Permit;  
  • Payment of the relevant Application Fee.  Please refer to Council's Schedule of Planning Fees;  
  • A full and current copy of the Certificate of Title for the subject site (No older than 90 days), including all relevant information (e.g. Restrictions, Covenants or S173 Agreements). You can obtain a Certificate of Title online at LANDATA Victoria.  Alternatively, you can contact Council's City Development Administration Team on 9581 4131 who can obtain a Certificate of Title on your behalf for a nominated fee;
  • Site context Plan or Neighbourhood and Site Description Plan (2 copies);  
  • Design Response Plan (2 copies);
  • Detailed Site Layout Plan, Floor Plans and Elevation Plans (3 copies);
  • At least one (1) A3 set of plans, or plans provided in a PDF format on a portable USB drive if possible.

Additional Information Required for applications for Two or more dwellings

In addition to the above, any application for two or more dwellings on a lot will also require the following information to be submitted with your application:

A written statement that describes how the development responds to:   

  •  Any relevant policies contained within the Planning Policy Framework;   
  • Clause 55 of the Kingston Planning Scheme;
  • The objectives of any overlay that might apply to the land.

Any additional information that would enable Council to fully assess your application. This may include: 

  • Infrastructure Capacity
  • Shadow Diagrams;
  • A Concept Landscape Plan including details of landscape themes, existing vegetation to be retained, proposed vegetation, paving and lighting.

Sustainable Design Assessment In The Planning Process

Your application may be required to address Sustainable Design Practices in accordance with 10 key Sustainable Building Categories.  For more information on these requirements, please click here.

Specific Advice In Relation To Various Application Types

If you require more specific advice in relation to your application type (e.g. information forms, checklists and specific application requirements), please click on your relevant application type below:

Alternatively, you can contact one of our friendly City Development Officers on 9581 4131 or visit the City Development Office at 1230 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm.

Receipt Of Application

All Planning Applications received by Council are formally acknowledged in writing.  Your application will be allocated to a Planning Officer, and will be assigned a relevant application reference number.  Upon receipt of your formal acknowledgement letter, you are welcome to make an appointment with the assigned officer to further discuss your application.

Preliminary Assessment

The assigned planning officer will conduct a preliminary assessment of the application.  After conducting this assessment, the planning officer may formally request further information or suggest design modification.  You are required to provide Council any further information requested within the specified time frame prior to your application proceeding.  If you are unable to provide the requested information within the specified time frame there is provision for extending this time.  If no response to Council's request for further information is received in the specified time frame your application will be deemed as 'lapsed'.

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