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Two or More Dwellings on a lot

When applying for two or more dwellings on a lot, there are several issues that need to be addressed. Your application must address all relevant areas of the Kingston Planning Scheme including:

  • Relevant state and local policies in the Planning Policy Framework
  • The purpose and requirements of the zone applying to the land
  • The purpose and requirements of any overlay applying to the land (e.g. heritage or design and development), and
  • The residential development provisions in the Kingston Planning Scheme in particular Clause 55.
  • Street Numbering

Access the Kingston Planning Scheme.

Who is the Authority to allocate Street Numbering & Addressing?

The authority to allocate street numbering and addressing to properties is vested in Council under the Local Government Act 1989. It is a condition of your Planning Permit that street numbering is allocated by Council, acting in accordance with current policy and guideline (Australian/New Zealand Standard for Rural & urban addressing / AS/NZS 4819:2011).

Street Numbering/Addressing is on the Endorsed Plans?

Any reference to addressing or dwelling/unit/apartment and street numbers or street names on Endorsed Plans is indicative only. The developer generally allocates the numbering and addressing to a development for contractors, builders, surveyors and agents to reference on the development site. This should not be adopted for dwelling/unit/apartment and street numbers and/or street name purposes prior to the review and official allocation by Council. 

What do I need to do in relation to the Addressing?

The onus is on the Permit Applicant/Land Owner to contact Council to determine dwelling/unit/apartment street numbers and street name details for the approved development. If the Permit Applicant/Land Owner adopts the street numbering or addressing from the Endorsed Plans, or where advertising and/or sales transact (off the plan) prior to Councils official allocation of the street numbering and addressing, it will be viewed to be non-compliant with the guideline and standard applied.

Who do I contact about the Addressing of the development?

Council’s Property Data Department is responsible for allocating property address details to properties. It is highly recommended that developers and/or land owners contact the Property Data team to discuss street numbering and addressing requirements.

Please contact the Property Data team on (03) 9581 4317 or (03) 9581 4396.

Important Note for all Planning Applications received after 1st July, 2015:

From 1 July 2015 a new levy under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Act) must be paid to the State Revenue Office (SRO) in respect of all planning permit applications for developments in metropolitan Melbourne (as defined in section 3 of the Act, which includes amongst other municipalities Kingston City Council) that have an estimated development cost of over $1 million (adjusted annually by CPI). The levy is calculated at $1.30 for every $1,000 of the estimated cost of the development.

This payment is in addition to the statutory planning application fees.

Read more about  the Metropolitan Planning Levy.

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