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Home Occupation

Some businesses that operate from a residential address by a person residing at the address could be defined as a 'Home Occupation'

More specifically, 'Home Occupation' is an occupation carried on in a dwelling, or on the land around a dwelling by a resident of that dwelling.

Do I need a Planning Permit to run a business from my home (Home Based Business)?

The purpose of the 'Home Based Business' requirements is to ensure that the amenity of the neighbourhood is not adversely affected by an occupation conducted in or from a dwelling.

Provided that the following criteria is met in relation to the proposed "Home Based Business", a Planning Permit is NOT required:

The person conducting the home occupation must use the dwelling as their principal place of residence;

No more than two persons who does not live in the dwelling may work in the home based business at any one time;

The net floor area used in conducting the business including the storage of any materials or goods must not exceed 100 square metres or one-third of the net floor area of the dwelling, whichever is the lesser.  The net floor area includes out-buildings and works normal to a dwelling;

The business must not impose a load on any utility greater than normally required for domestic use;

The business must not adversely affect the amenity of the neighbourhood in any way including:

The appearance of any building, works or materials used.
The parking of motor vehicles.

The transporting of materials or goods to or from the dwelling.

The hours of operation.

Electrical interference.

The storage of chemicals, gasses or other hazardous materials.

Emissions from the site.

No motor vehicle may be adjusted, modified, serviced or repaired for gain;

Only one commercial vehicle (a commercial goods vehicle, commercial passenger vehicle or tow truck within the meaning of the Transport Act 1983), not exceeding 2 tonnes capacity and with or without a trailer registered to a resident of the dwelling may be present at any time.  The vehicle must not be fuelled or repaired on the site.

No goods other than good manufactured or serviced in the home based business may be offered for sale.  This requirement does not apply to goods offered for sale online.

Materials used or goods manufactured, serviced or repaired in the home occupation must be stored within a building.

No goods manufactured, serviced or repaired may be displayed so that they are visible from outside the site.

A Planning Permit may be granted if you do not meet the above requirements. 

For more information, please refer to Clause 52.11 (Home Occupation) of the Kingston Planning Scheme.

If you are unsure if you meet all of the above requirements or require any further clarification, please contact Council's City Development Department on 9581 4131 or visit the Planning counter on the Ground Floor, 1230 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham between the hours of  8:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

In addition to the above, depending on the type of home based business you wish to run, you may need approval from other internal departments of Council or external agencies. 

Please refer to the Small Business Victoria Website for more information on conducting a business from your home.

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