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Advertised Planning Applications


Please be advised of the following information regarding the Public Notice of Planning Applications (advertising to interested parties), over the 2019/20 Christmas & New Year holiday period. It is Council's practice to extend the Public Notice period during the holiday period.

This practice is intended to ensure that interested parties are provided with adequate time to review information about an application, seek professional assistance, where required, and lodge a formal objection with Council, if desired. 

The last day that Yellow Advertising Notice signs can be erected on site for a fourteen (14) day period is Monday, 2 December 2019.

Signs MUST be up on this day and NO later.

If you wish to have your application advertised before this cut off date all requested information (to enable the assessment of the application) must be received by (and to the satisfaction of) the Planning Department no later than Monday, 11 November 2019.  This will give us adequate time to prepare all advertising documentation.

Should all requested information be submitted after Monday, 11 November 2019, applications will be advertised for 28 days excluding public holidays.

The standard fourteen (14) day notification period will recommence on Monday, 13 January 2020.


Advertised plans are available for viewing for planning applications that are currently on public notification.  Plans will be available for online viewing for a period of twenty-one (21) days. 

These documents have been copied and made available for the purpose of the planning process as set out in the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The information must not be used for any other purpose. By taking a copy of this document you acknowledge and agree that you will only use the document for the purpose specified above and that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this document is strictly prohibited.

Please note that the full application form relating to the planning applications are not published on the web due to Privacy, but are available for viewing at 1230 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

If you wish to make a submission or objection to any advertised planning application, the following options are available:

Visit the City Development "Objection to a Planning Application" page where you can lodge your objection or submission on-line;

Email:; - Please note that you will not receive an automatic confirmation if an objection is forwarded to this email address.  A formal acknowledgement letter will be forwarded in the mail upon receipt of your objection.

Forward your objection or submission to City Development Department - PO Box 1000, Mentone Vic 3194; or

Hand deliver your submission or objection to 1230 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham.

Please note that all objections must state the Subject Site Address, Objectors name and forwarding address and contact details.  Objections must state the reasons for objection  All objections must be made available for public viewing.

To view advertising material, please click on the relevant application link below:


KP-2018/385 - 2, 4 & 6 Horscroft Place, MOORABBIN

KP-2019/694 - 18 Nellbern Road, MOORABBIN

KP-2019/663 - 17 Acacia Avenue, MENTONE

KP-2017/703/A - 1178-1182 Nepean Highway, CHELTENHAM

KP-2000/226/B - 1 Kelvin Grove, CHELSEA

KP-1997/959/E - 918-928 Springvale Road, BRAESIDE

KP-2019/746 - 253 Wickham Road, MOORABBIN

KP-2019/649 - 2 Berry Avenue EDITHVALE

KP-2019/634 - 66 Fifth Avenue, CHELSEA HEIGHTS  

KP-2019/554 - 153 Centre Dandenong Road, CHELTENHAM

KP-2019/508 - 42 Kershaw Street MORDIALLOC

KP-2018/546/A - 32 Levanswell Road, MOORABBIN  

KP-2013/237/B - 1 38 Ireland Road, CLAYTON SOUTH  

KP-2001/362/B - 2 Riversdale Avenue, CARRUM

KP-2019/562 - 94 Lower Dandenong Road PARKDALE

KP-2019/486 - 36 Royena Road, MOORABBIN

KP-2019/631 - 338 Charman Road, CHELTENHAM

KP-2019/240 - 505 Warrigal Road, MOORABBIN

KP-2019/483 - 618-620 South Road, MOORABBIN

KP-2019/458 - 8 Winsome Street, MENTONE  

KP-2017/441 - 1-5 Lake Drive, DINGLEY VILLAGE

KP-2019/496 - 13 Glenbrook Avenue, CHELSEA  

KP-2019/475 - 56 Matthieson Street, HIGHETT  

KP-2019/442 - 3 Hearle Avenue, ASPENDALE  

KP-2019/273 - 6 Deanswood Court, CHELTENHAM

KP-2017/846/A - 1-5 Lamana Road, MORDIALLOC

KP-2019/647 - Unit 3 31 York Street, BONBEACH

KP-2019/320 - 61 Glenelg Drive, CLAYTON SOUTH  

KP-2016/436/A - 6 Gladstone Avenue, ASPENDALE  

KP-2019/531 - 16 Gwenda Avenue, MOORABBIN

KP-2019/479 - 76 Bernard Street, CHELTENHAM

KP-2019/401 - 542-543 Station Street, CARRUM

KP-2019/376 - 11 Epsom Road, MORDIALLOC

KP-2019/263 - 8 Chute Street, MORDIALLOC

KP-2018/587/A - 418 - 420 Nepean Highway, PARKDALE

KP-2000/247/A- 370-376 Clayton Road, CLAYTON SOUTH

KP-2019/693 - 8 477-481 Warrigal Road, MOORABBIN

KP-2019/619 - 179-217 Centre Dandenong Road, DINGLEY VILLAGE

KP-2019/616 - 273 274 Nepean Highway EDITHVALE

KP-2019/567 - 26 Main Road, CLAYTON SOUTH  

KP-2019/529 - 10 Browning Avenue, CLAYTON SOUTH  

KP-2019/222 - 10 Derby Parade, BONBEACH

KP-2019/630 - 1 232 Centre Dandenong Road, CHELTENHAM

KP-2019/629 - Bonbeach Life Saving Club, 15 Lord Weaver Grove, BONBEACH

KP-2019/488 - 38 Melaleuca Drive, CLARINDA

KP-2004/940/A - 462 South Road, MOORABBIN

KP-2007/881/A - 275-315 Kingston Road, CLARINDA

KP-2019/591 - 41A Laura Street, ASPENDALE

KP-2019/509 - 22 Eulinga Road, CLARINDA  

KP-2019/503 - 7 - 9 Wellwood Road, BONBEACH

KP-2019/411 - 15 Sandford Street, HIGHETT

KP-2019/368 - 43 Bondi Road, BONBEACH  

KP-2019/245 - 17 Wordsworth Avenue, CLAYTON SOUTH  

KP-2018/645/A - 40 Clydebank Road, EDITHVALE



KP-2018/507 - 1A & 5 Foster Street, ASPENDALE

KP-2014/650 - 165 - 169 Nepean Highway and 8 - 10 Lower Dandenong Road, MENTONE

KP-2014/818 - 4 Gladstone Avenue, ASPENDALE